Even TWC’s Customer Service System Is Broken

Beth writes in that her Time Warner cable connection isn’t working and they have her account info so bungled that the system won’t even let her connect to a (most likely, incompetent) operator.

We gave her a magical number for NYC to call, from our list of Level 3 TWC operators. Despite 18 flamboyant days of publication, and the ankle biting of numerous detractors, the number is still valid. Whodafunkingthunkit.

Her letter, with the choice line, “I think I’ll get a wireless router,” inside.

“This barely qualifies as a tip — it’s more of a “bitch” — but Time Warner Cable and Internet continues to suck. They seem to be the only company providing cable internet to my neighborhood in Brooklyn (brooklyn heights).

They didn’t show up on the first installation date and told me that I had cancelled the appointment (I didn’t).

Then, I got the internet access hooked up and it stopped working after two months — the “cable activity” on my modem light just stopped lighting up.

The service check visit I scheduled never happened because they called someone else — a totally foreign phone number not anywhere on my account — and whoever that phone number belonged to was not home. The area code for that number is in a different state. The customer service rep could not explain where the dispatcher got this other, random phone number, or why he or she used it.

And when I call their toll-free customer service number from my home phone (which they have on file as my home phone number) it tells me it’s not recognized by the system and hangs up on me.

I think I’ll get a wireless router. “