Don’t Be This Consumer

This kid bought a video ipod from Best Buy, along with a $100 extended warranty. A few months later, it started getting slow and glitchy. He took it back and got pissed because Best Buy told him to mail it in, on his “own dime,” on the Apple warranty.

Instead, he used the oldest black hat consumer trick and bought a new video ipod, put the old ipod in, and returned it.

Congrats, diphead, now your $100 extended warranty is worthless. But at least you saved on shipping.

In the time it took him to make this razor video, he could have reformatted the iPod and reinstalled the software. (Thanks to Phil!)


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  1. adamondi says:

    A-holes like this are the reason that so many companies don’t bother to offer good customer service. Congratulations, you putz. You have committed consumer fraud, little though it may have been.

    Side note: how much would it really cost to ship the stupid iPod back to the warranty repair center? $9.95? Certainly the cost cannot be that bad.

  2. Plaid Rabbit says:

    Furthermore, someone’s gonna buy this as an open box, find out it’s shit, and then have to return it – doubling their time so this fuckup doesn’t have to go to the post office.

    Jesus, people – if not for morals towards a company, how about just not being douchebags to other consumers?

  3. KevinQ says:

    I thought places like Best Buy usually checked the serial number to make sure that consumers weren’t doing something like this.


  4. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    If he could have been bothered to take 2 minutes to do some research on, he would see this:

    “How to get your iPod serviced
    It’s easy! Complete the iPod service request form to receive service for your iPod or accessory. If your iPod requires warranty service, Apple will send you a prepaid shipping box you should use to send your iPod to Apple’s repair center.”

    Apple pays the shipping, so no, it’s not on your “dime”. As for the crappy Best Buy warranty, yeah that sucks, but what do you expect. Those warranties are almost exclusivley a scam.

  5. Vinny says:

    For f’s sake, it takes like 3 seconds to reformat an iPod. If el genius here had looked at the site before running back to Best Buy like an entitled ass, he would’ve known that.

    He’s the reason returning shit is so hard for good average consumers.

  6. Brianron says:

    My experience with Best Buy’s extended warranty was a good one. My wife gave me a Rio Carbon as a gift and she paid for the extended warranty. Six months later, the little plastic tuner wheel broke, rendering it useless. I contacted Best Buy, mailed the whole thing in and within two weeks, received a gift card for the purchase price of the Carbon to either buy a new one or anything else I wanted. No fuss, no muss.

    Dear Mr. IMO: You are an idiot. No, you are not cool smoking and drinking coffee while recording your little rant. My hope is that lung cancer gets you before you get a chance to pass your scheming little genes on to a future generation.

  7. What a dipshit. Five minutes on the phone with Apple asking for warranty service (if he’d even needed it), and he’d have had a prepaid shipping box and his iPod back good-as-new in three days.

    Now Mr. “I wanna be Denis Leary with Dennis Miller’s brains” is out $100.00, Best Buy has a problem on their store shelf, and Apple gets to keep the warranty dollars they might have spent to fix the first iPod.

    This guy is a. Dip. Shit.

  8. billhelm says:

    I wonder if he had to pay a 15% restocking fee when he returned it. BB charges that on a lot of things like this if they are opened.

  9. MosH8ed says:

    I really don’t care about his little story, but I can’t stand the way he overly dramatizes his smoking… like he couldn’t start his silly rant without lighting up. This guy even edits it to draw more attention to his smoking. He’s out of $100, but at least he’ll get some lung cancer.

    p.s. Back in the day when I worked at Best Buy, we didn’t get commission on anything, performance service plans included.

  10. Chris says:

    “It stops working…the menus are gettin’ slow…” Okay, which is it? Did it stop working, or was it just not working the way you wanted?

    I’m 90% convinced this is “The Kid Who Had A Report Due on Space” from the old Encyclopedia Brittanica commercials (aka, the most annoying pitchman ever).

  11. Look, if the BBY isn’t taking good care of you under your service plan, your recourse is very simple.

    You ask them to refund the plan, pro-rata — which they are required to do if so asked unless the terms have changed in the years since I worked there.

    Watch what happens when these guys are faced with the prospect of a $100 (or more) hole blown in their service plan numbers. Suddenly, policy becomes more malleable. Out-of-stock merchandise magically appears in the warehouse. Implaccable management becomes genial — even accomodating!

    Understand the incentives of the people behind the counter and you can get what you need a lot easier. This dirtbag in the video? Yeah. Pretty stupid.

  12. Jesse in Japan says:

    I’ll bet those Best Buy people still managed to talk him into buying the extended warranty on the new iPod he bought.

  13. bambino says:

    Hey, check it out. I’m going to commit a crime, then broadcast it over the INTERNET.

  14. Papa K says:

    This guys a genius. Commiting a crime and admiting it online.

    Plus, the extended warranty works AFTER the manufacturer’s warranty. That’s stated. It’s in the brochure. If you read it, you’d know that.

    I don’t waste my money on those, because my luck with consumer electronics tends to make me have to return it in a year anyways, and then it’s no longer able to be returned at BB – it won’t match their system.

    You scammed best buy because you can’t read something that IS IN THE BROCHURE. This is like “sorry, I didn’t put money in the meter because I didn’t look at the calender so I thought it was Sunday, that’s legal here, right?”

    Schmuck. You’re why Best Buy no longer takes care of returns like this easily – you defraud them. I hope you get lung cancer. Use the money you ‘saved’ by ‘not calling Apple for prepaid shipping box’ and buy more cigarettes, you cancer.

    (However, Apple supposedly was sending me a box – four times – for an iBook and I never got the boxes, so I took it to the Apple Store to be sent back)