Walmart Loses Money For First Time in 10 Years

Rising fuel costs for customers and Walmart itself, among other factors, led to Walmart’s first quarterly profit loss in a decade. (Thanks to Graham!)

Maybe it’s just reflective of American’s growing disinterest in having their babies boiled in the parking lot.

(Sidebar: while looking for Walmart photos to jack, we came across these of Beijing Walmart workers. Their vests shirts are red. Curious, no?)


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  1. Ben says:

    Watch for Falling Profits!

    Now the shit is really gonna hit the fan, they’re gonna have to turn the screws that much tighter on their suppliers and workers to squeeze out a few more dimes.

  2. The Reviewer says:

    Um, they didn’t report a loss. They just didn’t have a quartly rise in profits. That means lets say first quarter of the year thier profits were 10 million. Then thier profits for second quarter were 12 million. For quarter 3, it was 10 million in profit. That is not a loss. That is just a little bit less profit than expected.

  3. Triteon says:

    That’s right, it’s a net profit loss– not a net loss.

  4. Keith says:

    The loss was also primarily the result of a charge they took on the sale of their German operations.

  5. ‘zactly, it just means their revenue is no longer accelerating positively. So their value is still expanding, but not as quickly as last quarter.

    Whatever your feelings on Wal-Mart (or, well, whatever your negative feelings on Wal-Mart), you have to be amazed that a company can sell more and more at lower and lower costs (to the company) for ten straight years. It’s absurd.

  6. Keith says:

    ^^ Not loss, but decline in profit, rather.

  7. AcilletaM says:

    Just proving you can argue with Gawker media

  8. yumyum says:

    “Rising fuel costs for customers and Walmart itself, among other factors, led to Walmart’s first quarterly profit loss in a decade.”

  9. Morton Fox says:

    Maybe they should’ve stocked more paw slippers and fuzzy pillows instead of playing the game of having only a handful of those at each store and selling out of those items before I get there. But I digress.

  10. Ben says:

    Ah, that’ll learn me to just read headlines !

    But their same store sales are taking a huge hit (toward the end of the linked article), which’ll be something to watch over the next few months.

  11. Magicube says:

    What’s even more strange in that link to the red shirts is that they have US flags on their headscarves, and they’re allowed to join unions over there. Wonder where the handkerchiefs were made?

  12. why not says:

    I wonder if Wal Mart has the power to make the gas companies to lower their prices…maybe they just need to ask politely…DROP YOUR PRICES OR PREPARE TO BE OZZINATED!!!

  13. scingram says:

    Here is another good Walmart photo to jack from the always talented Kris Kros..

  14. amazon says:

    You know what wm’s solution is going to be, right? Cutting staff hours.
    There’s a joke in there.

  15. Joe Clark says:

    I think you mean “first quarterly loss,” not “first quarterly profit loss.”