Hack Your Life Roundup

Prevent Identity Theft. “Having a credit card with a relatively small limit (say $250 to $500) instead of using your major card is a good way to protect yourself if the sale is too good to be true.”
Get a free upgrade to Windows Vista. “Does this change your PC purchase plans any? (I think it might for me!)”
Google School: Find local business coupons. “The next time you visit your local pizza place, check out Google Maps first to see if there’s a printable coupon you can take in with you – you just might be able to save some dough (I’m so punny)”
How to secure your laptop for air travel. “Pack laptops with soft foam or bubble wrap and place laptop bags inside other luggage to protect them from rough handling and to keep them inconspicuous.”
Learn to detect lies. Is the mechanic telling the truth when he says you need a new defribrisnazzer?


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  1. Amy Alkon000 says:

    I also suggest Mac Case cases for laptops (not sure how they’d fit PCs). They’re very padded sleeves — kind of like a winter coat, but stiffer, around your laptop. Also, packing tight is important. I travel with a HP 450ci portable printer (PS the customer service on this from HP is the worst I’ve ever encountered from a company), and I bubble wrap it, then pack it tight in an Airborne big envelope, then put elastic around it to hold it tight, and then wrap clothing around it which I secure with another elastic. If your stuff isn’t floating around in your bag, your electronics are more likely to arrive intact.

    As for ID theft, if you live in California, check into freezing your credit.