Don’t Chuck That Busted iPod

People on their third or fourth iPod well know how prone the device is to breaking. If you neglected to opt for a replacement plan, instead of smashing the pod with a brick, give Matt Bremmer a call. Treehugger pointed us to his ipod refurb services and we think it’s fantastic stuff.

Intrigued by all the people selling broken ipods or simply tossing them, he set up a little refurb shop. Apple won’t support out of warranty repairs or sell him parts, but that’s ok, he gets most of the pieces directly from the manufacturers. Matt scavenges motherboards from broken iPods on Ebay.

Check it out at

It’s neat that he’s in a cute, spare little shop in Canada but there’s also TechRestore which may have better prices.

Either way, one more opportunity to opt out of the prevailing disposable diaper consumer culture.