AOL Digs For Bars of Golds in Spammer’s Backyard

It’s official: AOL is koo-koo for cracko puffs.

AOL successfully sued spam king Davis Wolfgang last year for $12.8 million but has been unable to collect damages. Receipts submitted by AOL’s lawyers reflect large purchases of gold bars, which AOL believes Davis buried on his parent’s property with a shovel.

“AOL’s lawyer notified the family that the company intends to use bulldozers and geological teams to hunt for gold and platinum on their property.”

“I don’t care if they dig up the entire yard. They’re just going to make fools of themselves,” said Peggy Greenbaum, Hawke’s mother.

We think the grin on Davis’ father’s face says it all.


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  1. something_amazing says:

    Wow what a bunch of nutters. What entitles AOL to the money anyway, the fact that they sued? What about the people who received the spam to begin with?

  2. Triteon says:

    Combine AOL with the RIAA and we’ll be exhuming bodies all over the place.

  3. RandomHookup says:

    Hey, AOL, I am sure Wolfgang buried some platinum bars in my backyard right where I’m thinking about putting in a swimming pool.

  4. Triteon says:

    Nice one, RH. There’s some gold under the roots of a dying tree in my front yard too.
    Here’s a link– just released today– (since I have no idea how to embed it in text as some do) to an article outlining the AOL/Mark Burnett online treasure hunt “Gold Rush.”

    “No word on whether the spammer’s backyard is being considered as a location.”

  5. Paula says:

    AOL is so funny! I hope they find the gold, the footage of AOL dude showing gold from the backyard will be priceless.

  6. comedian says:

    Somebody call Geraldo!