RIAA Spits on File Sharer’s Grave

The RIAA’s not going to allow the fact that one of their accused file sharer’s is a festering corpse stop them from their legal extortions!

    In Michigan, in Warner Bros. v. Scantlebury, after learning that the defendant had passed away, the RIAA made a motion to stay the case for 60 days in order to allow the family time to “grieve”, after which time they want to start taking depositions of the late Mr. Scantlebury’s children.

We’re sure the RIAA will be kind enough to offer a settlement to Mr. Scantlebury’s fatherless children. After all, they wouldn’t want to seem inhuman.

RIAA Wants to Depose Dead Defendant’s Children; But Will Allow them 60 Days to “Grieve” [Recording Industry Vs. People] (via Boing Boing)

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