Masked Men Return 400 Lbs. of Taco Bell Hot Sauce

When a group of 15 masked men violently storm a Taco Bell, it has all the hallmarks of the world’s first burrito-terrorist incident. But these masked men weren’t out for blood, just for hot sauce.

The masked men stormed the Marion, Indiana Taco Bell on a mission of redemption. They brought with them 25,000 packets of hot sauce, weighing over 400 pounds.

Apparently, the daring criminals had been stealing large quantities of hot sauce for years, with the aim of selling them on eBay or perhaps as a practical joke. We envision a Carrie-like deluge of blood red sauce poured all over Hilary Clinton, or siphoned into the bottles of hemorrhoid creams and stocked on the local Wal-Mart shelf. Their conscience got the better of them, prompting a return.

25,000 stolen sauce packets returned to Taco Bell [Fast Food News]

UPDATE: This story has pix and corrections.