Terrorist JuicyJuices, a Photo Essay

Unattended Juicy-Juice boxes will be confiscated. This one was shortly detonated on the tarmac inside a special containment box made out of graham crackers.

Photo essay continues inside…

pinkshirt.jpgNo one will guess the terrorist plot inside my hardening nipples.

cologne.jpgThe caption for this photo read, “An unidentified man sprays cologne on himself before throwing it into a trash can while waiting to board a flight.” But you know it’s totally staged to support a liberal media bias.

newspaper.jpgWhat’s this so-called, “International Section?”

miamidade.jpgMiami-Dade ensures you don’t get get thirsty.

scissors.jpgDo we even care about this shit anymore?

bullhorn.jpgIf you don’t obey her bullhorn, she will totally shove the Canada Dry and Pepsi up your ass. BOOM sucka!

dumptruck.jpgNow that we have all the incendiary devices collected, let’s dump them together and smash them.

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