Get Ready to Sue a Telemarketer

There’s a special place in hell reserved for telemarketers; for the rest of their eternal damnation, they’re forced to be a telemarketer. Until then, you can use the questions prepped by Junkbusters to either screw with telemarketers’ minds or record the information needed to sue their ass.

First you need to place your phone number on the National Do-Not-Call registry by visiting or by calling 1-888-382-1222. And then,

“Every time you get a call you consider junk, just ask the questions in this script. If they answer no, you may be able to sue them.”

You got a script? We got a script too, buddy.

(Thanks to Wade!)


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  1. trixare4kids says:

    You know what? This is pretty much f-ing useless, Ben. Take it from me, I know!

    Someone used my cell phone number to place an order at an online pharmacy and ever since then I’ve been inundated with telemarketing calls to “renew” my prescription to Viagra/diet pills/hydrocodone/whatever. I’d say 5-10 calls a week at this point.

    I don’t know about ya’ll but when *I* start to question a telemarketer or even simply ask them to take me off the list; the result is often an immediate hang up.

    99% of the time the calls are from a spoofed number.
    1% of the time the calls are from a number that goes into a bogus voicemail system.

    I admit they have me beat – I’ve stopped trying to fight them and just ignore calls from numbers I am not familiar with.

  2. Manue says:

    Another counterscript is available here (in many languages):
    It does not allow you to find details to eventually sue the telemarketer, but you can enjoy the call while you ask the caller if he likes his job and how much he earns. Basically, you become as annoying as him with your questions.

  3. angryblur says:

    I used to be a telemarketer (and now have no soul) where they taught us to never give definitive yes or no answers. lots of “actually..” and “infact…”

  4. magic8ball says:

    The site also has a handy form for you to report telemarketers who call you after your number has been registered.

  5. Yaotl says:

    If they call a cellphone with no previous business relationship, can I just automatically sue? Or should I just berate them? I used to do cold calling for a “charity” and anyone that fucked with me at least ended the tedium.

  6. Fenni Fentu says:

    Somewhat off-topic, but if you are a small business owner who receives numerous junk faxes, you can make good money filing suit against those companies. In some states, fines for unsolicited faxes run around $1000 per send.

  7. Alex Morse says:

    I’ve also experienced the immediate hangup when asking these sort of questions.

    Another interesting fact: Many states prohibit automated calls giving you a recorded message unless you’ve previously agreed to it. Some states put a time of day restriction, and others ban it outright. If you receive such a call and can track down the company it’s from you can easily sue and win! Ok, well as easily as anything is done in our screwed up court system at least. Check your state laws.

  8. joeymazoey says:

    There exists a situation where this doesn’t apply: If you receive a call from a doctor’s office/insurance carrier/hospital/etc, and you don’t provide identifying information for yourself or the person they’re calling about, the caller can’t tell you who they are. In fact, under HIPAA, it’s illegal for them to do so.

  9. I’ve had to use that form on the Do Not Call Registry website several times and I’ve never received a response, so I have no idea if it is effective or not.

    My current bane are fax telemarketers though. We have a fax machine at home for the family overseas , and somehow a telemarketer figured this out and we get junk faxes now.

    Problem is, while the FTC runs the Do Not Call Registry and this applies to phone calls, faxes fall under the FCC. The complaint form for unwarranted faxes is needlessly complicated and based on the effectiveness and response of my filed complaints with the FTC and their DNCR, I don’t have a lot of faith in it.

    We no longer leave our fax on automatic because they waste our paper…

  10. Transcribe the message and send a copy to your state attorney general (AG). If you have caller ID and it shows a #, send that. Many states have reporting forms on the AG site for illegal telemarketing calls. AG is a good jumpin-off point for running for governor, so most AGs are really delighted to go after small-but-important-to-voters issues like this.

    Sometimes you can get money from it, but mostly you just get telemarketers to stop calling.

  11. mcchunx says:

    {{{Hello this is Ricky from RxPharmacy…}}} Oh my god if I hear that again I will go berserk! About 2 1/2 years now I’ve been getting these calls. Tonight, I somehow tricked the telemarketer into giving their WORKING company phone number and area code, and I have been calling them repeatedly over and over again to try a get even. It’s fun. Anyone that would also like to torture this company their number is 512-366-3099! p.s. I’ve allready reported them to the DoNotCall Registry and it has done no good.