Search AOL User Searches Like The Pros!

Why should we get all the fun of looking at AOL user search profiles? With these database programs people quickly scrapped together, now you can play too!

AolStalker seems to have a smart search system and you can drill down to individual user profiles. The best of the bunch.
AOLSearchDatabase gives the most comprehensive information. Too bad they didn’t load all the data in.
DontDelete‘s best feature is its Random User button. “HOURS of entertainment.”
AOLsearch displays specific user ID search results.
AOL.Yogurtrat has a pretty good search and we enjoy the way the results are displayed.
AOLSearchLogs lets you search by keyword or user ID. Pretty fast but you have to tab through long returns.

For the money, use AOL Stalker. If you know the user you’re looking for, use AOL Search and just change around the ID number at the end.

UPDATE: Here’s a powerful “Splunk’d” database of the AOL info. It looks daunting at first but in the end, this wins hands down as the best! [via BoingBoing]


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Carey writes: provides an interesting narrative in search query form. I found it interesting to see how the individual’s thoughts and state of mind seemed to morph over the course of a few days.”

  2. AcilletaM says:

    Wow, Carey’s link was a bit of a rollercoaster ride. What I’m wondering is how many people make up this individual.

  3. Fuzzyman says:

    User is simply disturbing.

    He is interested in NAMBLA and where the boys and girls club of Fullerton is. His is also into bdsm, the ocult, making drugs at home, might want to kill someone.

  4. RumorsDaily says:

    Oh man, I feel bad for .

    First she loses her virginity, then she has a big pregnancy scare, THEN she gets her period but it’s extra heavy and she’s still worried that she might be pregnant. Then, presumably out of guilt, she starts researching christian love and how to be a better person and help those who have hurt her (I wonder who?). Finally, she goes to visit the guy who got her pregnant in Riker’s prison.

    Must have been a tough visit.

  5. James Frey could use AOL Stalker for inspiration for his next book.

  6. Paul Boutin says: is the correct URL for that slick Splunk search engine.