TWC L3 Rep Responds to Consumerist Posts

A self-identifying Time Warner Cable Level 3 rep calls bunk on our story, HOWTO: Get Actual Customer Support From Time Warner Cable.

John Stewart expressed frustration over our publication of “partially incorrect” TWC contact phone numbers. Since both those posts occurred, he says he’s had, “an increase of calls where people request I fix their bill and advise me of your article.”

“Internal documentation I am not permitted to show non-employees by NDA specifically forbids us from providing billing credits,” he says.

“At the very least, this article has made it harder for Level 3 agents to do their job, and harder for people to reach Level 3 agents because we spend all day redirecting billing inquiries to Customer Service. Level 3 as phone operator = Level 3 not troubleshooting legitimate issues. “

As far as inability to fix billing goes, well, that’s his word against Mike’s, but one thing’s for certain…

Use the phone numbers and info we gave you for good, not stupidity. Don’t turbo to Level 3 for a billing issue. Don’t turbo to Level 3 unless you’ve already gone through Level 1 and 2 and they have refused to fix your TECHNICAL problem. Keyword: T-E-C-H-N-I-C-A-L.

Thank you and have a nice day.


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  1. Too fucking right!

    If you can up and slapped me in the face just for being the first person you come to, don’t expect me to be so helpful.

    ATTENTION PLEBES: You’re not special. Try Level One first. Attempts to jump to a higher level will only get your ass knocked off the ladder.

  2. AcilletaM says:

    and he’s going to do unspeakable things to your (already stale) food too!

  3. Lemurs says:

    I’ve worked as an L2 and L3+ support person at a technical company for almost 10 years now, and I shudder to think of the calls I would get if someone published my phone number. Why? Because you can never trust people NOT to abuse it. I know I would get calls related to all kinds of products that my company sells that I know nothing about…sales calls, refund calls, angry calls, you name it. How do I know this? Because in the past people have posted my number to the web because they were so happy to get good support from me, and they wanted to help others get in touch with me about a particular problem. I almost had to change my phone number.

    Giving out these phone numbers probably doesn’t help anyone at the end, because just telling your readers not to abuse it doesn’t mean they’ll listen. You’ve effectively degraded the experience for everyone now, until they decide to change the phone numbers or the post gets lost in obscurity. I love the stuff you guys do, but this one is a big thumbs down.

    Note: Most companies put the billing/acct mgmt software in the hands of farmed out help. It is essentially fill-in-the-blanks software that you need no skill to use, so they don’t want their highly paid and highly specialized technical staff wasting their (expensive) time playing with it. I have no doubt that our friend John has probably never even seen the software, and might not even have rights to that database.

  4. guavo says:

    As I was a Tier 2 agent working for Road Runner, I can tell you Lv 3 will be able to help you with any technical problem, however the system works like this, 1. you call in, Tier 1 agent answers and figures out if it is a billing issue, if not, transfer to tier 2. Here in Tier 2, most problems are solved, email stuff, browser stuff and reseting the modem. Usually the only time you are actually trasfered to Tier 3 is for DHCP issues (modem not assigning an ip), DNS issues (Very rare), and Modem driver issues (Because most Tier 2 “techs” do not have the ability to go into safe mode on a windows machine, or even know how to). I would say at the centre I worked at, maybe 20% of the people would be considered competent techs, and 50% with adequate knowledge to do the minimum required, and 30% who really shouldnt be there. Just so you all know, there is a 2 week training program for RR csr’s, and knowledge of Windows is only recomended.

  5. Violator0722 says:

    I am a Level 3 Agent working for Road Runner. And I worked with John. He is absolutely right. We get calls from people saying “Well I got this number from the internet and I need your help. I have been on hold for 30 minutes” I say ok how can I help you. I get in response. “I can’t get my movies on demand and I cant get half my channels I’m not paying for this if it doesn’t work” Ok let me get this straight, you called a level 3 Internet Technical Analyst for a TV and billing issue. Both of which I can’t even help you with. Now you have wasted my time and your own time because you had to talk to level 3. If you would have called the correct number you wouldn’t have waited for 30 minutes and your problem would have been fixed by now. Stop wasting our time and follow the procedures that have been set up for this reason. Quit your complaining and we at Road Runner will get you back online. If you want to complain so much go to Verizon DSL. And let us help the people that are smart enough and don’t think they are God and deserve preferred treatment. And by the way just to let you know, you think your tiny little 200 bucks you pay per month pays my salary. HAHAHAHA I make more then that in a day. I don’t care if you switch to Verizon or Comcast or go back to dial up. We have millions of customers. One person with a poor attitude because they can’t download porn isn’t going to make me lose sleep at night. Thank you for choosing Time Warner Cable and have a great day. 