The Nth Best Thing We Have Ever Posted: An Open Letter to US Airways

Meet David Kerry of the Catalogue of Ships podcast.

The latest episode of the podcast starts with US Airways losing his bag and sending it to a port of call hundreds of miles away from his destination. It continues with the bag remaining MIA for 13 days, during which time David is reduced to transvestitism by the wearing of his landlady’s clothes. A flight back home via US Airways is delayed, during which time US Airways stubbornly refuse to give another traveler their names, to report their poor service. When she takes a photograph of them to document US Airways poor service, the US Airways employees leap over the counter and chase her across the airport in the aims of beating her down and stealing her cellphone. David is incapable of making the delayed flight back home, and a US Airways employee takes pity on him when he breaks down into “uncontrollable sobbing.” He is routed to a local Ramadan hotel to sleep off the night… but, surprise! The manager there will not accept his airline voucher, and US Airways will not call to correct the situation.

Oh, but it’s better than that sparse description, involving hundreds of unanswered phone calls to US Airways customer service, dozens of hours spent pleading with unmoved and calloused US Airways representatives and weeks of utterly appalling customer service at the hands of two of the nation’s biggest travel companies.

That’s it. We quit. Outside of the CSR of a major American company storming into your parents’ house and kicking your mother down a flight of stairs, we will never, ever, ever be able to post a customer service experience this bad again.

An Open Letter to US Airways [Catalogue of Ships]

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