Sutori: Digg for Consumerists

Always give a sucker an even break. In addition, always give a new consumerist oriented web site a plug!

Meet Sutori. It’s Digg… for complainers! Describing itself as “The Voice of Today’s Consumer,” Sutori aims to make it easy for you to post your complaints about companies, as well as your accolades. You can then tag, rate and post your story for the world to see.

It’s a great idea, but needs a big influx of visitors to truly be useful. So go on over and check it out. It might seem like we’re plugging an upstart competitor here, but we’re all on the same side when we’re staring down the barrels and our backs are to the wall. Just don’t forget to keep sending us your most juicy stories, for the good ol’ Consumerist je ne say what?

Sutori Beta (Thanks, Mark!)