GameCrazy Sales Training Video is So Bad it Hurts Good

Revel in the upsell tactics, uptempo snyths and local video production house stable of actors, especially Zelda Scott. She’s prone to lines like “I’m down here in the hizzouse, you know, the heezy, with the GC posse, to get the 411 on GameCrazy,” and “They can’t hate on our used games.”

“What games does he like to play?”
“Uh, his favorite is dragon games.”

“Alright so based on what you’re telling me, basically what we’re gonna do is set you up with some accessories, a DVD remote, a wireless controller and we’re gonna have to get you some memory cards to get you started.”

Alright, so based on what I can see, you’re totally clueless and I’m going to cram you for every add-on I can squeeze.

Caveat Emptor when entering the realm of Game Crazy. Be sure to have enough mana to cast your 9th level enchantment of “No Thanks, Just Looking.”

via InsignificantThoughts.