EXCLUSIVE: AOL’s John Not Paid Hush Money

Remember John? He was the other man on the phone in the AOL cancellation call heard round the world. Despite his voice being played, without his permission, over the internet, on radio and nightly news, no one’s heard a peep from him.

We speculated that AOL paid John a sizable bonus package to encourage his silence, until now…

A source close to the situation told us that John did not receive a severance package and AOL told him to not to apply for unemployment either.

AOL was unresponsive to our request for comment to verify this statement.

Let’s get this straight. So you’re John, and you’re just going along, doing the job AOL told you to do, the way they taught you. One day, someone records one of your calls and spread it around the internet. You end up humiliated in the mainstream press, AOL publicly disowns you, terminates your contract without notice, tells you to forget your unemployment bennies… and you don’t even get a little payola?

Classy. That is one seriously scaped goat.

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