Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• My landlord says my cats urinate near the front door. I have a zany alternate theory. Is it plausible? [Link]

• Need to ship packages from US to London, UK. Is there anything cheaper than parcel2go? [Link]

• I have been keeping all of my receipts for some time now. Every day, I enter them into my money tracking system (presently just a text file where I capture date, payee and amount). Then I file the receipts away in folders by month. My question: does it do me any good to save the receipts, or is having the data good enough? [Link]

• Reading Wikipedia gives one the impression that most sunscreens and sunscreen ingredients are ineffective and/or give you skin cancer or other sickness. What’s a good sunscreen brand I should purchase that will both protect me from the sun and also not kill me? [Link]

• Is a radiologist required to be in the office during an MRI, according to Medicaid regulations? [Link]

• I want to buy something but I can’t think what to call it to search for it! [Link]

• What’s causing my clothes to occasionally come out of the wash with blotchy spots where the dye has been lightened/removed? [Link]

• What are the hassles, legal or otherwise, involved in travelling with sex toys in Western Europe? [Link]


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  1. Kat says:

    The link to the receipts question isn’t there – it’s

  2. Amy Alkon000 says:

    As for sunscreen, the most protective ingredient in sunscreen is Mexoryl. Our brilliant FDA has been protecting us from sun protection for the past 10 years or so and not allowing it in the country. You can buy products with Mexoryl in Canada, and at certain pharmacies in the USA (like Zitomer in Manhattan), which charge about three arms and two legs for it because they’re selling it illegally. I believe the FDA stopped people from selling it on eBay, but they may bet at it again.

    The best product on the market according to my chichi friend’s dermatologist and many others of repute (look it up on Google) is Anthelios by La Roche-Posay. And the most protective Anthelios is Anthelios XL Creme 60+ ecran visage (screen for the face). You have to get it in France.

    If you go to Paris in the summer, there are plenty of deals, but be sure you get it early in your trip and buy a lot of it. Find one of the pharmacies on rue de Rivoli or other big commercial streets that has discounts. If I’m lucky, I find it for about 9 eu for a small 50 ml tube. It’s expensive, yes, but I use it and stay out of the sun (got my car windows covered with Lunaire film), the moments I’m in the sun, I’m protected against UVA and UVB.

    By the way, get a Vichy 60/20 undereye stick if you can. Anthelios’ has been in a tube that’s not that effective. Again, hard to find, so get it early in your trip. Oh yeah, and if you have fair skin like me and/or don’t like that slathered-on foundation look, make sure you get the one that is NOT “teinté” — not tinted.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Emmanuelle writes:

    “My comment is an answer to Amy Alkon’s comment that Mexoryl sunscreen is not available in the USA…
    (… )
    It has been approved just recently:

    Good for your skin!”