Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

• My landlord says my cats urinate near the front door. I have a zany alternate theory. Is it plausible? [Link]

• Need to ship packages from US to London, UK. Is there anything cheaper than parcel2go? [Link]

• I have been keeping all of my receipts for some time now. Every day, I enter them into my money tracking system (presently just a text file where I capture date, payee and amount). Then I file the receipts away in folders by month. My question: does it do me any good to save the receipts, or is having the data good enough? [Link]

• Reading Wikipedia gives one the impression that most sunscreens and sunscreen ingredients are ineffective and/or give you skin cancer or other sickness. What’s a good sunscreen brand I should purchase that will both protect me from the sun and also not kill me? [Link]

• Is a radiologist required to be in the office during an MRI, according to Medicaid regulations? [Link]

• I want to buy something but I can’t think what to call it to search for it! [Link]

• What’s causing my clothes to occasionally come out of the wash with blotchy spots where the dye has been lightened/removed? [Link]

• What are the hassles, legal or otherwise, involved in travelling with sex toys in Western Europe? [Link]