Cali Dollar Trees Source of ATM Hacks

Shopping at the Dollar Tree could end up costing you a lot. Hundreds of California patrons of the discount store report having money jacked from their debit accounts, reports KCRA. Most likely, this was through the use of cloned ATM cards.

Stores in Carmichael, Modesto, and elsewhere were targeted.

The Secret Service is currently investigating, saying little, but one spokesman said “it’s big.”

For the time being, California discount shoppers may want to look elsewhere for their 100 tiny soldier packs and bags of single-ply toilet paper. Or pay in cash.

(Thanks to Beth!)


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  1. cash at a place like the dollar tree.

    though i do admit they have dog leashes for $1. I buy them out and donate them to the local animal shelter who always needs them. also the toys sometimes are great.

  2. Morton Fox says:

    For a dollar item, or even a whole bunch of dollar items, I’d just use cash.

  3. mschlock says:

    That’s the Dollar Tree next to the supermarket we always used to shop at when I was a kid. Carmichael, you’ve totally made the big time. Of fraud.