NONUPDATE: Cingular Wants to Yank Docs

Since Cingular legal counsel sent us a note Friday demanding we call and take down some internal documents, nothing has happened. They told us to call. We didn’t call. Instead, we insulted their note. Other sites picked up and popularized the story. Nary a further Cingular peep. Not even a full cease and desist. Sigh. We feel a little left at the altar.

However, one of our readers, Amy Alkon, tracked down the phone number of the attorney who sent the note, just based off his name. She reports she got him to forward on her complaint about Cingular’s expiring gift cards, previously languishing in customer service naidr, to the legal division. Neat! Now that’s what we call consumerism, suckas.


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  1. Beckie says:

    Thanks for keeping the blog going. I also got a call from the office of the president at cingular on my answering machine at home. But i did not call back either, instead I have contacted two lawyers, the FCC, the Better Business Bureau, Our local newspaper and corporate accountability web site.
    Thanks for your support, I’m still fighting the cause.
    Beckie in Alabama
    Unhappy former cingular customer