Know Your Maritime Law

If you miss your cruise, don’t swim after the churning propellers. Not only because it’s a good way to streak a blood red parabola across the churning tides; you could find yourself $300 poorer due to an antiquated, much forgotten law.

The culprit is the Jones Act, a Federal law established in the 19th century that prevents foreign ships from transporting passengers between U.S. Ports. The Millers of Ironton, Ohio ran afoul of it after missing their cruise departing from Seattle. The cruise was going to Alaska, so they hopped a plane to Juneau, waited for the ship for two days and boarded, where they were fined $600 ($300 each) for beaching the Jones act.

Better keep abreast of your obsolete 19th century law next time you go on vacation.

Federal Law Ruins Local Couple’s Cruise [WTRF]

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