Consumerist Ask Metafilter Round-Up

Stealing a cue from our darling, darling sister site, Lifehacker, we’re going to experiment with an Ask Metafilter round-up aimed squarely at Consumerists.

&bull What’s the cheapest way to send a large amount of money (now in the form of Japanese yen) from Thailand to America? [Link]
• Is there a website or blog that snarks on corporate wank, perhaps on specific companies’ “core values” and “mission statements”? [Link]
• What is the percentage of workers, in the private sector, that now receive pensions? [Link]
• Cingular has announced it will now charge all customers not using a GSM phone $5/month, beginning in September. How can I tell if my (several years old) phone is GSM? I’d ask the nice people at the Cingular store but suspect they will be too busy plying me with new fancy phones to give me an honest answer. [Link]
• Yesterday I spent two hours in line at the Social Security Office to get a new card for my son. Please help me understand the rational for not allowing people to use their mobile phones. [Link]
• Auto Insurance: What? [Link]
• Why is our electricity bill so high? [Link]

All the bogus links fixed now, guys.