IDT Energy Bilks Grandpa

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We'll let Jimmy's email speak for itself:

We’ll let Jimmy’s email speak for itself:

    Today I went to visit my grandfather, who lives in an apartment building. He told me that he had switched his energy company from ConEd to IDT Energy. I asked him why he did such a thing. His response shocked me. A little backstory first. My grandfather is well into his 80s and his knowledge of english is limited. He told me that the IDT sales rep. told him to sign up or else he will be fined. Even with my limited legal knowledge, I know this strong-arm tactic was not legally justifiable. He also told me that the rep went throughout the whole building, enrolling more hapless victims.

    I carefully scanned the contract hoping for a way out, but I could not find one. I am asking you guys for help. Thanks in advance!

Well, the first thing you need to do is actually call them and see if you can’t get out of the contract by explaining the situation. Be cool, but make it clear you’re willing to go to the Better Business Bureau, a lawyer and the police with this. Any knowledge you can get from your grandfather will help, particularly the sales rep’s name.

This probably isn’t going to get you anywhere, but there’s always the chance, and you need to exhaust that possibility before you move on. If you don’t get resolution at a lower level of the customer service hierarchy, keep escalating it. If it doesn’t get you anywhere, you definitely should follow through with reporting IDT Energy and perhaps at least talking to the police or a lawyer.

As a long shot, you might actually try calling ConEd, explaining the situation, telling them you want to switch your grandfather back to them and asking if they know any loopholes you could take advantage of.

Any other, possibly better suggestions from readers land?

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