Everyone’s Already Eating A Fourthmeal!

Under fire from their bizarre ‘Fourth Meal’ campaign, Taco Bell has taken an odd defensive tact. Instead of claiming that they invented the fourth meal (a midnight burrito gorge fest, scheduled between dinner and breakfast to help you get through that calorically taxing ‘sleepytime’ period of the day), Taco Bell explains…

    The ‘Fourthmeal’ campaign is not encouraging people to eat a literal fourth meal. It is actually branding a meal that people are already eating.

Okay, everyone, hands up. Who’s already eating a fourth meal? Fatties, shut up, you’ll skew the results.

Fast food companies need to stop going on the defensive and offering forth as justification such weasely, semantic retorts for encouraging obesity in their customers. Instead, they should look detractors straight in the eye, maybe get a flag to wave patriotically behind them and say: “This is a free country. Health care is not socialized. People in this country are living longer, healthier lives than at any other time in the history of the earth. People can eat whatever the fuck they want, when they want and in any absurd volume they want, and there’s nothing you anti-capitalist hippy pansies can do about it.” Because at least that’s all true, as opposed to the mythical ‘fourth meal’.

“The ‘Fourthmeal’ Campaign Is Not Encouraging People to Eat a Literal Fourth Meal” [Media Orchard]