UPDATE: Parexel Destroys Immune Systems, Avoids Liability

You may recall the test subjects of drug trial TGN1412 who were left seriously maimed moments after taking the experimental drug.

As if it weren’t enough that they swelled up horribly, tore at their flesh, and had to have their toes amputated, recent tests show they have no detectable T-cells.

Without toes, you can’t walk. Without T-cells, the victims are susceptible to a variety of auto-immune diseases where the body attacks itself.

This is the very condition that the drug was designed to treat.

Having paid a nominal sum to the victims, Parexel denies further liability. Some of the patients are suing, but they may not live to see their legal effort’s fruition.

Renewed ordeal of the Elephant Men The Sunday Times. (Thanks to Francis!)

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