Complain: Mailing Address for Capital One CEO Richard Fairbank

The thrust of the mounting consumer complaints against Capital One may explain the credit card’s fondness for filling their ads with barbarians.

Reports of fraudulent late fees, cashing checks twice and refusing to close accounts earned CapitalOne a place in ConsumerAffairs’ rogues gallery.

If you’ve got a complaint against CapitalOne, avail yourself of the addresses we posted after the jump. We’ve got the mailing address CEO Richard D. Fairbank, as well as the Attorney General of Virginia and The Commissioner of Financial Institutions of Virginia. The last two have jurisdiction over Capital One.

A notice of intent to file, that’s what’s in our wallet, bub.


Mr. Richard D. Fairbank
President & CEO
Capital One Financial Corp
1680 Capital One Drive
McLean, VA 22102


The Honorable Bob McDonnell
Attorney General
State of Virginia
Office of the Attorney General
900 E. Main Street
Richmond, VA 23219


Commissioner of Financial Institutions
State Corporation Commission
1300 East Main Street
Suite 800
P.O. Box 640
Richmond, Virginia 23219


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  1. AcilletaM says:

    Hey, if they can’t make money charging high interest rates they have to make it up somewhere right?

  2. Wow, I haven’t had any problems with Cap One. Knock on wood.

  3. daviseng says:

    Capital one took my payment by mail for $803.00 and took $8003.00 out of my checking account. Iask for a credit and was told it will take 72 BUSINESS hours to credit my account.

  4. cholledl says:

    I was shocked to read your message on line. I have been battling Capital One and had never thought to look up their reputation until today. Indeed, it frightens me knowing that I most likely have no recourse except for more valuable time lost writing letters that won’t be acted on.

    How can I let more people know what a sham of a company this is?

    I have been a Capital One customer for years (at least 12, perhaps more). I use my card only for convenience and always pay it off on time each month. Generally I send my check the day Ir eceive my statement. I owe no money, nor do I have loans anywhere, therefore, I don’t need Capital One for a credit reference. But this simply demonstrates that even faithful, solid customers are treated atrociously. Here is what happened to me, in a nutshell (I have volumes of documentation):

    -Last November I travelled to Ecuador to present a paper at a professional conference. I used my Capital One card once, to pay my hotel bill after spending five days in Quito.
    -I returned to the U.S., finished teaching classes at the university fall semester, and began teaching spring semester classes at the university on January 17.
    -In February I received my Capital One statement, with five charges made in January (Jan. 18-27) at five different locations in Quito of over $2300.
    -I immediately called Capital One. I was told tha charges were clearly fraudulent and would be removed.
    -In April, “Corey” from the Capital One fraud department callsed me at work at informed me he had obtained copies of the receipts for the five purschases. He claimed I had signed them, since he thought the signatures matched. I informed him I had not made those purchases since I was teaching at a U.S. university when they were made. I requested copies of the receipts, but they were never sent. The charges were put back on my Capital One statement. He harrassed me at my place of work, where I am often advising students.
    -The next day I called Capital One and asked to speak to “Corey.” I was unable to and the extention he had given me received a message that the number was invalid. I was passed to six different people, each time having to give my name, social security, card number, birth date, address, and phone number. It took over an hour and each person I spoke with insisted I signed the receipts. When I asked how I could have signed them when I was not in Ecuador at the time, they simply refused to listen to me. I asked for copies of the receipts and was told they would be sent. They never were.
    -Worried that it was impossible to address grievances with this company, I filed identity theft reports with the local police, the 3 credit bureaus, and FTC.
    -I had the Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the university send a letter to Capital One stating that I was teaching at the university during the period the charges were made in Ecuador.
    -In response, Capital One sent me a statement with the fraudulent charges placed back on my account.
    -I documented every step of this process by date and sent a certified package, requesting signatures in return, to the fraud dept. at Capital One. This packet, probably 20 some pages, contained all evidence of my flights to Ecuador, participation in the conference, documentation that I was assigned to teach classses and the dates, police reports, and letters appealing for copies of the receipts, removal of the fraudulent charges, request that my account be closed, and reparation for the time, stress, and agony Capital One had caused me.
    -On April 17 Capital One informed me it was dropping the fraudulent charges. Corey explained he was “happy” to informe me the charges were dropped.
    -I called Capital One and it took 2 hours and speaking with several people to get them to fax me copies of the receipts. I asked what they were doing in response to the certified package. I was told it had never arrived. The signatures are similar, but I can see that they are not mine–they are forged. I requested that Capital One immediately cancel my card and that I wanted to do no further business with them.
    -On May 14 I received a statement from Capital One. It read in large black letters “WHOOPS! You’re behind by 1 payment.” It listed 2 charges made by my cell phone company dated April 7 and April 28–this is the first time I had ever been billed for these. It charged me a past due fee of $35.00 And it listed my new balance as $2344.30 !!! Clearly, these fraudulent charges (I intend to pay the cell phone charges, even though Capital One accepted them after I requested my account be closed, as I had not yet advised the cell phone company) were a retaliation for closing my account and refusing to be further victimized by the scams perpetrated by this company.

    I am just sick. I have NEVER paid a bill late in my life. I owe no money to anyone–this is how I CHOOSE to live my life. And now I am stuck with thousands in fraudulent charges, and according to your experience, judicial personnel who are in the pockets of Capital One.

    If you wish to forward this to others, please do so, as I want everyone to know what a crooked company this is. You are absolutely right–they have cleverly designed a system that does not allow access where redress might be sought.

  5. FREDINAZ says:

    Capital1 (Capital One)..unreal how they deliver such wonderful Customer Disservice and believe that they are in the right. Over 19 months ago I moved from Long Island, NY to the Valley of the Sun in AZ. I wrote to CapitalOne and called to have statements sent to my office. They said “no problem”. 19months later they still send bills to the address without putting on my company’s name. Imagine sending a bill to Bill Smith, Empire State Building, New York City, NY without a company name.

    Well, luckily I have been getting them, but sometimes weeks late. Someone has to recognize me and say..hey…I think I have mail for you. Are you Fred?

    So I get the statement and pay it..and whoooo lala… out comes a late fee and finance charge on the next month’s statement.

    Now one would think that their Customer Disservice reps would know that their corporate office in in McLean, Virginia…yet when asked, they gave me a PO Box in Salt Lake City, UT, not what I would call around the corner.

    So the run around begins. This rep, who claims to be a “Stupid”visor (my new title for such idiots), is so sweet on the phone, yet so useless. Oh… why hire such useless people who are not empowered to help customers?

    At least this mysterious Kimberly who did not know what call center she worked in except that it was in Texas. (How does she get there every work day, I ask? Well at least she knew that Richard Faribanks was the CEO. See…??? She gave me and spelled out FaribankS…with an S. His name is Fairbank. She doesn’t even know who runs the company.

    Anyway, a Google search gave me some corporate phone numbers and fax numbers. But the fax numbers were wrong…or had been disconnected or changed since they were posted on the web. Tomorrow, I shall get every branch fax number of thiers, every known fax at corporate, and fax away a nice, polite, yet firm letter to Richard Fairbank(s) the whole story and politely ask for my $35 late fee and $9 finance charge. Will I get it? Probably not. As I see on this blog, there have been a lot of Customer Disservice handed out at Cap One.

    Maybe Mr. Fairbank will reply when he gets back off the golf course. Maybe.

    But I had to laugh at a blog posted here about Corey at the fraud dept. I’ll bet he is the same Corey who told me that an old MCI charge that was on my account was valid and that he’d send me copies of the transaction. He did send me copies.However, I am not Sally Jones in Pennsylvania. He said Sally authorized and signed the charge. Well fine. However, I do not know a Sally and surely, there is no Sally on my account Corey! Are you listening?

    Does he do this to everyone as a matter in his 8-5 work day? Oh my gosh. Imagine, late fees of $35 x 300,000 customers. What a cash cow. And what about those poor people who don’t review their monthly statements, and just pay them. Boy, are they being taken!

    Well, if you have a Capital One card, finish out getting the reward, airline ticket or whatever, and then get rid of it fast. Chop it up and spend 41 cents and mail it to Mr. Fairbank for fodder.
    So said…by Fred.

    Have A GREAT day!

  6. EdC says:

    Today I received a Capital One Small Business pre-approved Credit card application in the mail. No big deal right, wrong!

    It had 2 names on it, mine a nd a clients name, yes a clients name.

    These folks are crazy!

  7. vcwiz says:

    It’s wonderful to see that these shysters have been burned by throwing their money at high-risk deadbeat borrowers. As a low-risk, high income, high net worth customer, I have never been treated in a more shabby manner. On no pretext at all, these guys raised my interest rate to 28%/year, from 8.9%. Tony Soprano would have given me a better deal. They now have my card as confetti.

  8. angel1ny says:

    We had a car loan through this company- traded said car for another one & thus the loan was paid off…Capitalone STILL keeps calling, saying we are now 2 months behind on payments-this on a loan oaid off!. They refuse to listen to us,we have had the Dealer we brought the new vehicle from call & write, we have written, never any reply, just the harrassing phone calls- the people are rude, they hang uo, they say things like “we will ruin your credit” I have filed a complaint about them to BBB & my states Attny. Gen. I am glad I found this site with the CEOs address on it…..anyway, they are refusing to close this account, & keep racking up more on a vehicle/loan, totally paid off!

  9. Kimberleet says:

    Capital One is about a crooked and fraudulent as it gets. I applied for and was sent 1 credit card. Capital One immediately started holding my payments and then charging me late and overlimit fees. Then they jumped my annual percentage rate. I then lost my job and could not keep up with the payments. After a rep from Capital One calling and threatening me, I talked to another rep who said Capital One would agree to a 50% payoff on the account and the account would reflect on my credit report as paid in full. I sent the money order.

    You will never guess what happened next. Capital One continued to add fees on the closed credit card account THEN they duplicated the account on my credit report and made it look like I had two credit cards instead of one. But it gets better.

    This was almost 9 years ago. And the TWO credit card accounts are STILL on my credit reports. Capital One keeps making the information “New” and claiming new activity so they can keep the negative and erroneous information on my credit FOREVER. I am filing a Small Claims action but really, this should be a class action lawsuit. They have easily cost me 100,000.00 in lost jobs, lost housing, lost credit and most recently the inability to buy a home below market value. Any lawyers out there want to take this one on? There’s enough evidence to support a gazillion dollar payout.

  10. cnorris70 says:

    I have gone through a battle with Capital One. I paid off my credit card and they keep sending me bills and adding interest charges each month. I have the proof in a returned check that I paid the account off. The idiotic part about it is that the check that I sent them (the total amount of the bill) was not completely credited to the account. I received a bill stating I owed 1000.oo. I called them, three way called them with my bank, and they did not recognize the total amount on the check. A total scam…It is a way for them to get money. If they do this to hundreds of people a year, imagine how the CEO gets richer every day–through the deception.
    The customer service is a joke. I think 4th graders could do a better job. The last one I talked to told me to just pay the amount shown on the bill. I told her it would be a cold day in h*** before I give them another dime…so the CEO can just sit on his a** and get richer.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I berlieve this once good company has resorted to fraud, scheme and dishonesty to continue to stay in business. There is no other reason why they would continue to ignore customers and lagh at the idea of customer service. Do wat you have to do to avoid falling victim to Capital One.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cap1 Richard Faribank hides behind a slew of unlisted telephone numbers, switchboard operators who won’t route you to where you ask and a bunch of employees who are not empowered to assist. Bad news! This bank was rated #1 in JD Power ratings. Who theheck is Mr. Power? I;ve never heard of him and he sure did not have a cAp1 credit card! Their ads say#1 in customer service. I say they are #1 in customer DISservice. They are the “no” bank. They say no to everything. Are they human? No…haha. Do they want to make customers happy? No…and so on.

  13. Anonymous says:

    From Francesca,
    Here’s what CapitalONe did to me, a good paying customer. I made my payments on the due date October and November. CapitalOne did not post my payment until the next day, thus throwing my account in arrears and over the limit fee threew my account overlimit so that they could charge me another $39.00. So I got hit twice for their fraudulent late fee and the fraudulent overlimit fee. I have written to President & CEO, The Attorney General and The Commissioner of Financial Institutions. I hope it does some good.

  14. Anonymous says:

    4 hours, 6 reps and 2 supervisors later, being called retarded then given the # for some apt complex tho it was supposed to be “supervisors’ line” , being told i couldnt speak w/a supervisor and finally being hung up on. I’m more upset i found this site so late. I really think there needs to be a lawsuit because they get paid off the fact that people are not persistent and don’t pay attention to their charges. And although I’m going to cancel the card, i still insisted on my credit reflecting the actual balance first because of principle. If they are doing this to so many people, I don’t understand why they are still existing.There’s need to be more light on these companies and their terrible service

  15. Anonymous says:

    I just waited one hour on the phone waiting to speak to a supervisor,
    all the persons I spoke were from a foreign country, I became so
    frustrated trying to clear up an issue of ‘THERE’ MISTAKE’, I hung up
    and returned the call the next 3 persons
    I am very upset at the moment, and I will return call back in the morning.

    Right now I am one unhappy customer of Capitol One, I have used them for
    the past 8 yrs and cannot believe there customer service staff are not capable
    of assisting AMERICAN”S, this is why our economy is so bad, keep outsourcing
    and drive America’s economy in the garbage.

    And will continue, when asked to transfer a call to a supervisor they said no they
    would not, since when???

    They need to be taught this is how we do it in America, you cannot refuse any caller
    when asked to be transferred, I I will contact the CEO and offer this horrible experience
    I received today, I cannot believe it….I am so upset right now.

    But I will take this all the way to the top….I am not done with this issue.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Capital One back posted a payment 3 days causing my December payment to fall into the November payment due date,even though they had already received the November payment. By doing this even though the check clearly stated it was for Dec 08, the caused a past due, charging me late fee and jacking my rate even though I have never been late and was not late this time either, to 23.15 from the 6.90 on my 8 year old account. These payments were manipulated in order for them to change the terms of my account and screw me on the rate. They would not back down or admit any wrong doing. The December and the January payments are now being considered pastdue because they are now charging me $158 in interest as opposed to the $40 it was when it was 6.90, These people are crooked and unethical. I am on SS and at the rate that they now want, it will take my entire monthly income to make their payment. It is impossible. I cannot make theses payments and they are adamant about reversing my rate. What they did is lillegal and immoral

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got you all topped. A Capitalone employee placed a balance transfer for $28000. YES, THAT WAS $28,000. on my account without my initiation, request or permission. It was transacted as a check to me. I was told alternatively that the check was voided and not voided, that the check would not leave their building, that the charge would be removed in two days, in four days. Only to receive the check in the mail. Now I read these complaints and I am distraught. I will probably not resolve this for months if ever. Letters are going out today to my own Attorney General, VA Attorney General, my congressmen, the federal Office of Currency Control and official dispute statement. I have spoken to 9 representatives, 2 supervisors, 1 senior supervisor and 2 account managers. I have spent many hours to no avail.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never had any problems with Capital One. It was my lowest interest rate card at 3.9% “fixed”. Until, that is, I received a notice in the mail saying that due to changes in the “economic climate” my interest rate would increase to 29.4%!!! I have a great record with the company; I have never paid late or been over my limit.

    I remember hearing a while back, and confirmed on The Washington Post, that Richard D. Fairbank (CEO) “won’t be collecting a paycheck until the credit card giant reimburses taxpayers for the government bailout money.” So this is why I’m paying so much, so he can get another check on top of the $280 mil he received in stock options. Well, that makes sense… I don’t have a high balance thankfully and so I’m paying it all off. I suggest you all do the same. If you close your account however, it will reflect poorly on your credit score. Just keep it open and shred the card. Sorry if I’m reposting anything on here but I didn’t have time to read all the comments and I wanted to get the word out. Thank you for the information, I will be writing to each of them.

  19. chezwizzy says:

    I have been a VERY good customer for Capital One, I have paid off my balance every month since I have had the card. I have Charged over $50.000 over the past several years never leaving a balance, or being late, or missing a payment. I kept Capital One Because of the millage and the Low intrest rate of 4.50. I recieved a letter rasing my intrest rate to 13.9, when I called to complain the customer service manager told me why should I care what Intrest rate I have, you never keep a balance, I cashed in my miles and will now be using my low intrest No balance Chase card

  20. Anonymous says:

    I was advised by capitalone that they were about to raise my interest rate from 9% to 29%, and that I had the right to opt out my contract card. Shortly after paying off my card and cancelling I started receiving telephone calls from their florida collection group asking for someone by the name of Alex, (no alex here). I explained to the first person who called that they had the wrong tel. number, but the calls continue as many as three per day. My elderly wife who is in the latter stages of Alzheimers is terified everytime the phone rings now
    due to this uncalled harassment. I contacted CapitalOne’s customer relations head Elliot Buettner and he assured me that this was due to an internal error and would be corrected. I am still getting the calls. I have since sent letters to both the attorneys general of Illinois and Florida, plus my two United States Senators asking for their help on this matter. I would warn anyone who is reading this e-mail to
    cease doing business with this callious and uncaring firm, and will do my best to see that our federal government does something to aid us citizens against this kind of unsroupulous behaviior.

  21. William B O'Steen says:

    When they raised my interest from 6.9% to 15.9% without warning, I cancelled my paperless billing, paid off the card, but keep it open as to not hurt my credit rating. I spend $1 per month for gas for my mower, and pay it off online each month to keep the card active in good standing. I bet it costs them more than they are making on the account to send me the bill. I also put my junk mail without identifiable info in their business reply envelopes and send it to them. LOL. It makes me feel like I am getting some justice.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I have never posted a complaint against any company until now.
    I have taken over my dad’s finances, and I have worked out payments with 10 other banks. Capital One is the only one that has refused to help. Although on the billing statements they tell you to call if you need help. I have been told by customer service that they are unable to help me at this time, and that I need to call back in a few days/weeks. Well this has gone on for over 10 months. I have been making payments on my dad’s behalf for the last 6 months, yet this week Capital One called me every day, sometimes twice a day asking for more payments.
    Again I keep trying to work things out for the last ten months, and the company tells me to call back later because they are un –willing to help.
    I have never had an issue with any bank like I am having with Capital One. If you get a chance to have a Capital One credit card, I can not express in polite terms to turn them down.
    There are many webpages complaining about Capital One. There is even a Facebook group

  23. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely worthless card. Literally. I gave up on using the card because of the amount of time it has been declined due to zero balance available. My payments were constantly being held indefinitely. Why, you ask? Did you bounce a check? Consistently late or over limit? A registered sex offender?

    Nope. The gerbils at Capital One customer service say “the system” holds my payments if they are too large or more than once in a billing cycle. Repeat: They take my money, given to them free and clear through an ACH billpay, and sit on it because I pay too much and too often.

    Capital One charges fees if the account is $0.01 over limit, or 1 second late. And then uses RICO tactics to dissuade customers from ensuring no fees are paid.

    My last (and final) episode: An ACH payment on July 8, was still being held July 25. After my card was declined, I called and at 9:00pm on a Saturday was told they needed to call my bank to verify funds. On a 2 week old ACH transfer!

  24. hunter says:

    I am a 72 year old retired man living off of social security and have had a capital one card for 13 years. I opened my last statement yesterday and seen where my interest rate was raised from 6.3% to 29.4%. i couldn’t believe it and called the company which was a complete waste of time. I told them i wanted to close the account and they wouldn’t even do that until I paid it off. I am mad as hell about the gouging this company is doing to its customers. I believe it is time that we organized by using the internet to doing something about it. Any of those interested in a grass roots movement let me know

  25. Onefortheroad says:

    My wife has a CapOne credit card. While we were back East in April, we misswed our April 24th minimum payment of $8.52. On May 14th, a letter dated May 4, 2012, was received from a collection agency-NCO Financial Systems demanding payment in full. On May 7th, I sent a payment of $100.00 and have subsequently paid the balance in full and she has cancelled her card. If you do the math, April 24th to May 4th is 11 days. Capone sent her account to collection in 11 days. Adios CapOne.