Buy A Gawker Shirt Or We’ll Shoot This Euphemism

Ever the guardians of commerce, we had to bring your attentions to the latest addition to the Gawker t-shirt stable.

You need not know that it’s a tabloid inside joke about some Hamptonites cheat-fest. Instead, you can merely revel in the simple luxury of a well-crafted tee, handmade by the indigenous people of American Apparel, sub-sector G.

Whether in line at the club or the Jr. High cafeteria, boldly announce your come-hither, devil-may-care moxie to anyone within 30 yards. Curvaceous pink on a field of snappy bright blue.

Yours for $20 at Gawker Shop.


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  1. Hell, how can you not buy this shirt for your best guy friend?

  2. cudthecrud says:

    So do you like American Apparel, or not?

  3. AcidReign says:

    …..My old black ballcap with the stainless steel armor-plating and the big “FUCK OFF” logo didn’t fly well with the local cops, and I suspect that this shirt wouldn’t, either…

    …..If you can get your woman to wear this, you have powers of persuasion to be admired… Not to mention that you’ve convinced her to advertise! Doh!

  4. Aph says:
    gawker will strike something funny eventually…

  5. robyns says:

    I’m waiting for the big Back-to-School sale.