Teaser for Zune, Microsoft’s iPod

Teaser for Microsoft’s iPod-like device, the Zune (and maybe a few other devices, too). One thing in its favor, it features no gyrating shadows.

Via Jkrew. However, there does seem to be an inverse-relationship between the product values and boringness level. Most of the ad is preoccupied with showing us the target audience for the mp3 player. Their target is everyone. Try and figure out the titles on the director’s sheet when they were casting for type. We’ve started a few for you.

Scenario 1: SoHo Loft
The state school advertising major waiting for her downtown boyfriend to tell her why playing golf inside is enjoyable.
The boyfriend who explains to her that irony is not about having fun.
Scenario 3: Broad St.
The Lithuanian stewardess cum high-class call-girl.
The police detective who’s on his last day of the job, and has been for the past five years, because it gets him poontang.

UPDATE: Gizmodo writes: the zune teaser was actually made a few months ago and is for the microsoft alexandria music library-type service. Either way it’s a lousy ad.