MPAA Finally Sues The Wrong Guy

Nine times out of ten, you can just walk up to anyone on the street and punch them right in the face, scot-free. Hey, go try it. The nonconfrontational pansy on the other end will sputter impotently for a few minutes, speechless as he tries to comprehend the unexpected development, then finally squeal, “Hey, man! Like what the fuck!”

Unfortunately, one time out of ten, you manage to punch a UFC Fighting Champion in the face, who proceeds to kick you so hard your spine goes exploding out of your body.

The MPAA has gone around randomly punching a lot of people in the face, then asking them for their wallets on top of that. But they finally sued the wrong guy: Shawn Hogan, the multi-millionaire CEO of Digital Point Solutions, who was accused of downloading an illegal copy of Meet the Fockers off BitTorrent. He didn’t and he’s ready to take the bastards down.

“They’re completely abusing the system,” Hogan said about the MPAA’s extortionist legal tactics. “I would spend well into the millions on this.” Attaboy, Shawn! Kick their skull out of their fucking heads.

Shawn Hogan, Hero [Wired]

Edit: We originally kept calling the MPAA the RIAA in this post. It’s been corrected, but honestly, same difference.