Executive Customer Support: Finding The Number

So, you want to obtain executive level customer support but can’t find their phone number. That’s understandable, most companies don’t want you to. But access to the corporate switchboard can be yours with a little sleuthing.

• Check the website, thoroughly.
• Scan the product documentation, esp. the first pages and backs of manuals.
• Look up publicly held companies using their stock ticker on Google Finance.
• Find the company’s corporate address on the website and use a reverse-phone directory.

Once you’re there, what do you do? Check out this fine article, “The Art of Turboing.” Scan down to How To Turbo and then steps 4 and on.

Bear in mind, these methods should only be used after the standard customer service routes have been exhausted. Otherwise, you’ll waste several people’s time and ruin it for the rest of us, like kids from Aurora, Colorado break dancing.

(Thanks to Chuck!)

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