Drunk Continental Captain: “How Dry I Am!”

“Thish ish ya capawhatchamacallit shpeakin…” a voice over the cabin intercom slurs. Looking out the window, you can’t help but notice a landing 747 dropping down out of the sky straight on top of you. Your dilating left eye spasms involuntarily.

Just the nightmare scenario Continental Airlines was trying to avoid after they removed a pilot from the cockpit of flight 706 from Houston to Tampa when stewardesses noticed that his breath reeked of booze.

The pilot was given a blood-alcohol test that was “above the limit for pilots”. That’s probably anything above 0.00%

Hey, we know pilots have a stressful job, but when you are the man who is responsible for guiding a 20 ton hunk of metal filled with people in a control fall out of the sky, we damn well expect you to take the edge off in the time-honored method of sober pilots: in-flight fellatio from the hottest stewardess.

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