Dell Employees Hate Dell, Buy Apple Products Instead

Even as sales of Dell PCs plummet, Michael Dell has started spraying crazy man spittle out of his mouth when it comes to Apple, claiming that Apple’s share numbers don’t even make them competitors to Dell. This is disingenuous: world-wide, this is certainly true, but in the U.S., Apple comes in fourth place, and had a 15.4 percent growth per year compared to Dell’s 6.3% growth.

So why the hate? Well, according to JC over at ungenius, it’s because he just can’t stop his employees from buying Apples:

    Not a day went by that I didn’t help someone with their iMac, PowerBook, or iPod, who wasn’t wearing a Dell staffer polo or Dell security badge. Many of the Dell-employed iPod owners didn’t even seem to know that their company made a competing product. They didn’t even care, when asked about it. To them, the market was owned by the iPod, and that’s what they wanted to be seen with, what they wanted to give their kids or significant others.

    I asked one Dell QA Engineer, toting a PowerBook into the Bar for a quick software session, about this. He told me that he dealt with qualifying and testing security releases, and he didn’t feel like living through that experience as both an employee and as a customer. It almost sounded like, “I know how crappy we treat our customers. Why would I subject myself to that?”

Ouch. With hell’s heart, I stab at thee!

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