Dell Employees Hate Dell, Buy Apple Products Instead

Even as sales of Dell PCs plummet, Michael Dell has started spraying crazy man spittle out of his mouth when it comes to Apple, claiming that Apple’s share numbers don’t even make them competitors to Dell. This is disingenuous: world-wide, this is certainly true, but in the U.S., Apple comes in fourth place, and had a 15.4 percent growth per year compared to Dell’s 6.3% growth.

So why the hate? Well, according to JC over at ungenius, it’s because he just can’t stop his employees from buying Apples:

    Not a day went by that I didn’t help someone with their iMac, PowerBook, or iPod, who wasn’t wearing a Dell staffer polo or Dell security badge. Many of the Dell-employed iPod owners didn’t even seem to know that their company made a competing product. They didn’t even care, when asked about it. To them, the market was owned by the iPod, and that’s what they wanted to be seen with, what they wanted to give their kids or significant others.

    I asked one Dell QA Engineer, toting a PowerBook into the Bar for a quick software session, about this. He told me that he dealt with qualifying and testing security releases, and he didn’t feel like living through that experience as both an employee and as a customer. It almost sounded like, “I know how crappy we treat our customers. Why would I subject myself to that?”

Ouch. With hell’s heart, I stab at thee!

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  1. Paul D says:

    FROM hell’s heart. FROM!

    Khan would be so disappointed in you. Shame!

  2. RandomHookup says:

    I never noticed before how much Michael Dell looks like Richard Pryor.

  3. Anonymously says:

    “Apple comes in fourth place, and had a 15.4 percent growth per year compared to Dell’s 6.3% growth.”

    Those figures don’t really mean a whole lot. My lemonade stand experienced 200% growth from previous summer. Of course, I only sold 2 cups last year, so while 200% sounds impressive, it’s only 4 more cups.

  4. droppedD says:

    on the other hand, i knew an apple engineer who used an ultralight dell laptop with linux on it. he put an apple sticker on the front of it, though.

  5. Lemurs says:

    This is the problem with Apple becoming so popular…people want fashion accessories now. Hollywood now dictates how technology is accepted by the marketplace. Fantastic. This is why other countries hate our exporting of our culture so much.

  6. TPIRman says:

    Greg, is your lemonade stand the fourth-largest lemonade company in the country? Context matters.

  7. Anonymously says:

    But how big is Apple compared to Dell? What’s the monetary value of those percentages? Also, dell is facing the law of diminishing returns in terms of growth, as you’ve already pointed out.

  8. olegna says:

    Wow fourth place! Give Apple a cookie ’cause it almost won a bronze metal.

    I blame this humungulous US market share on zeitgeist-snarfing emos with their fashionable glasses, Mini Coopers, and their skanky over-heating MacBooks with rainbow colored spinning discs of doom.

    PS – When Apple figures out that the iPod needs an interchangable battery (a la digital cameras) maybe I’ll get on that bandwagon someday… until then give me my cheapo 2-gig AA-battery-taking Chinese-made indestructible flash-memory MP3 player.

    PPS – Hello iTunes! How about allowing your customers to CHOOSE which order to download the pending purchases, eh? That would be a swell idea… you know, cause then I can get to my latest episode of Lost I ordered today BEFORE downloading every track from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” that I ordered last week while swilling Shiner Bock at 2 in the morning.

    Sorry, had to rant. . ..

  9. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Itunes kind of does allow you to choose the order the songs are downloaded, its glitchy but it works, just hit the delete button on the songs that u want out of the line, they come back when u check for purchases again but it does the trick, i hat 2600 downloads pending, many of which werent available in the itunes store anymore, so i had to do a ridiculus amount of sorting.