Bank of America Lies and Lies and Lies

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There's few things more annoying than losing one's wallet, but Matt discovered one of them.

There’s few things more annoying than losing one’s wallet, but Matt discovered one of them.

Having misplaced his purse himself, Matt requested a new debit card from Bank of America (BofA). On Saturday he called BofA and was told a new one would be sent via DHL to his office by Wednesday.

The card doesn’t show. When Matt calls back, he finds out the new card request was never put in the system.

This is but the first of many broken promises and outright lies…

Matt writes:

“Bank of America has always been good to me. So, when I lost my wallet on the 16th I though to myself “No problem, I’ll just report my card stolen and they will get me a new one middle of next week”.

So, I call up, and the Saturday representative assures me that he’s closed the account, and is having a new one DHL’d to me at my office by Wednesday. “Great”, I say, and hang-up to continue with my weekend.

Wednesday rolls around. No card by 4pm, after our regular DHL dropoff. I call up, and reach the Security department again, this time speaking with a Manager named Samuel Chung. He searches around for a while, and assures me that its been sent out. I ask him to search a bit more, and he discovers that, in fact, no request for a new card was ever made. Strange, because I can imagine very few instances in which I would want a credit line that I cannot use. Samuel issues the request for a new card to be overnight DHL’d to my office address (so that I can sign for it) and assures me it will be there by Friday. Great, I say, and hang-up.

Friday rolls around, and at 4pm I again call BofA Security to inquire as to the status. The manager there, Tom Jordan, say it was sent out on the 19th (Wed), but cannot provide a tracking number because it has not yet populated in his system. I told him that such a response was unacceptable, and that I needed a card ASAP. He promised to personally contact DHL and have the card rerouted to my office for delivery Monday morning (the 24th).

Monday afternoon at 4pm rolls around, and I still have no card. We are on Day 8 and call #4, for those counting. I call back in, and speak with a rep named ‘Julius’ in the security department, who assures me that there is no Tom Jordan and that my card was sent to Tacoma, WA this morning. I have not lived in Tacoma for over 2.5 years. I ask to speak with Tom again, and request that he look him up in the company directory:

Me: “I’m sure you have a company directory, surely he is in there”.
Julian: “We have no company directory”
Me: “None?”
Julian: “No, sir”
Me: So, you can’t tell who your mamager’s manager is either then, can you? How do you get a hold of HR without a directory?’.
Julian: “Please hold, sir”………
Julian: ” Sir, I’ve managed to find Tom Jordan”.

Tom Jordan joins me on the line, and assures me that he made that request for the package. I responded that i would like a tracking #, and I would like him to conference in DHL to prove where it was delivered to.

Finally, we get DHL on the line, and the rep confirms that there was a delivery attempt made today at my HOME address, where I specifically asked that no such attempt be made, as I would not be home to sign for it. He also has no record of an attempt to change the delivery address to my office.

Finally we get DHL to agree to hold the package for me at their local depot, so I get to take time off from work to pick up my card, which should have been delivered almost a week ago.

At this point I have decided to transfer what little balance I have to a card with a different bank, because I am unable to trust Bank of America to help me when I need it.”

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