Monday Morning Readers Round-Up

Now that we are media darlings, the Consumerist tip line has been flooded with pleas of help, reasonable complaints and the ravings of lunatics… and, as usual, we want more!

For every ten ‘tips’ we get that is just some crazy lady’s rant about Applebee’s giving her food poisoning (hello? It’s Applebee’s.) or a twenty page forwarded email exchange which we’ll never bother to sort through, there’s at least one true gem from an outraged consumer that can be added to our crown.

Because really, it’s not Popken or myself who are getting our voices augmented here: it’s you guys, writing us in and taking turns up on the soapbox. Keep it up: this site would be nothing without you. And don’t feel compelled to be negative. We will always want to hear when a company treats you right, just as much as we want to hear when a company treats you wrong. We should be encouraging great companies as much as we lambast their evil doppelgangers.

Last week’s reader stories, after the jump:

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  1. Fleury says:

    Doubt anyone in New York is up at this hour. But one warning to anyone banking at Chase:

    When you open a new account and they tell you that you have an overdraft limit at “0% APR,” that means they’re going to give you a credit card for that amount. You are never told you are getting a credit card. You will just receive one in a week.

    What is especially galling is that the particular “customer service” account representative had just gone through and linked my current Chase credit card to this new banking account five minutes before telling you about this wonderful “0% APR” overdraft feature.

    Lesson learned when banking, avoid Chase.

  2. Judes says:

    I agree. I just cancelled a Chase credit card because they were charging me 29.99% interest rate. The customer retention guy told me he was really unhappy about me closing my account and would really prefer it if I stayed. I just laughed and said that since they refused to lower my interest rate, they weren’t getting any of my money. I mean, that’s an insane rate! So he then tried to convince me that I was no doubt a victim of identity theft and for 12 bucks a month, Chase would clear that right up for me! Uh, no thanks!