Dell’s Low Call Time Kills Customer Service

Beyond mere armchair bubble-piping on Dell’s eroding market share blah blah blah, a former Dell tech support rep lays out plain-spoken evidence for Dell’s declining concern for their customers. It’s got numbers, too.

When David first started doing Dell tech support, Average Handle Time (AHT) was 16 minutes, down 2-4 minutes from his previous Gateway position. Then the time began dropping to 14 and then to 12. No, the reps were not becoming more efficient. These numbers were mandated from the top. Supervisors wrote up tech reps failing to finish their calls under AHY. By the time David left, AHT was 10 minutes.

Says David, “You can’t help anyone in 10 minutes. By the time you get a customer’s info, verify address, phone number, etc, look up the system they have, and ask them what the problem is, half your time is already gone…”

David left the industry three years ago and, “can only imagine in my nightmares what it must be like now.”

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