AOL Founder ‘Sorry’ For Time Warner Mating

It’s uncertain to whom AOL founder Steve Case, looking as boyish as ever, directed his apology, but he’s, “Sorry” for AOL’s merger with Time-Warner (TW). Not that the merger occurred, no, they will always have those hot Savannah nights, but he’s, “disappointed and frustrated that it hasn’t developed in the way that we all hoped at the time it could.”

Steve talked about his feelings in an interview last Friday with Charlie Rose.

The merger was back in 2001 but it looks like some people haven’t emotionally evolved, even after TW gave Steve his Dear John notice in 2003. Steve, it’s over. You need to stop living in the past and move on with your life.

At a meeting scheduled for August 2nd, TW’s board of directors will discuss AOL’s “future” read: funeral arrangements.

AOL Founder Is “Sorry” For Time Warner Merger” [USAToday]

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