• This guy ordered two dozen roses for his wife from FTD. Three days later, they all were dead. FTD refunded his money, albeit reluctantly, and belatedly. [DVD Dossier] “Wake Up And Smell The Dead Roses”
• When the closing mechanism on their PowerBooks malfunctions, Apple fanboys tend to get a little, well, unhinged. [RandomCrap] “While I love Apple…”
• For some reason, we get a chuckle over the screen saying, “File System NAND Start.” It also rhymes with, “Gotta go K-Mart.” [Tim Ellsworth] “Don’t Buy Any Audiovox products”


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Christine writes:

    “I have been a florist for 25 years and let me just say FTD, Teteflora, 1-800-flowers ect.. when you call them… they than call us ( the florist that is closer to yr delivery destination) and charge,charge,charge you. they charge you to have them call us .If you need flowers sent, call 411 in that area , ask for a flower shop,and call them yourself, that just saved you 11.99, speak to the “human” on the other end, get personnal and get what you ordered and have it delivered when you need it there ….that saved you another 15.00 bucks, most deliveries in the same zip code run about 8 to 9 get rid of the “middle-man” and save not only money but constant apologies through e-mails.

    P.S. you can use their website to pick out an arrangement , we can make it exact or similar.

    -Christine from Cincinnati”