Young Urban Professionals Think Paying High NYC Rents Unfair

The New York Times has a fascinating article about what it’s like to try to find an apartment in that Mecca of Self-Entitlement, New York City.

It appears that young professionals springing out of their Ivory League schools to go live in the most expensive city on Earth are upset that rent is just so gosh darn expensive. Poor souls, they’ve got to degrade themselves down to the level of having roommates.

But with a grimace of distaste, they’re somehow soldiering on in these massive dorms of young urban professionals, what the equally clueless author refers to as “a community of the overeducated and underpaid.” Gosh, that must be terrible: to have been given all the advantages in life and be practically guaranteed of joining the upper class with a few years of hard work, but having to suffer now despite all that.

This is Wil Fenn, who distresses that he can’t seem to afford a house: “Everyone talks about free-market solutions… But the solution now is the rich get richer and for everyone else it’s the equivalent of being a sharecropper in the city.”

The article’s full of smug, entitled cock smokers like this, who don’t realize that they are the rich getting fucking richer. Invariably, they don’t want to move elsewhere, they don’t want to scrimp on their Starbucks budget and they don’t want to have to work more or harder than they already do. They just want their upper class status handed to them already, meanwhile darkly mumbling about how capitalism just doesn’t work for poor underdogs like the white, well-educated elite. Just die, you ponces.

Out of College, but Now Living in Urban Dorms [New York Times]