Interview With Former AOL Retention Superstar

At his peak, our interviewee “saved” over 87% of the people who called him up to cancel their account. We’re still working on editing the whole thing, and in fact, have to get on the phone with another consultant in a second here, but we wanted to share this teaser clip with you.

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You won’t believe what he says about Vincent’s call. Even if you do, you gotta love the maniacal laughter.

UPDATE: Mp3 fixed so you can hear both of us.


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  1. DeeJayQueue says:

    if you talk into the side of the microphone, your pees won’t pop.

  2. TPIRman says:

    Can’t wait for the full interview, but I think that DIT-DIT-DIT sound between the clips scrambled my brain. Maybe choose something a little more soothing next time?

  3. The_Truth says:

    OK, either you guys are trying to be funny, by hinting that AOL keeps customers by just not making any noise, or you screwed up the sound for this retention superstar…

  4. TheChaz says:

    Well, I’m staying tuned for “mooooore,” that’s for sure.

  5. Scott says:

    Hmm. Another “AOL Retention” story. Thrilling.

  6. markweeble says:

    I am wanting to hear more too. Cannot wait until the interview is aired.

  7. bambino says:

    I thought the same thing until I put my left earphone in. Try that trick.

  8. Ben Popken says:

    This version has a stereo signal with him on one pan and me on the other, I will combine and fix.

  9. Ben Popken says:

    And if anyone can tell me how to quickly do that in Adobe Audition or what I should be looking for, that’d be cool.

  10. Ben Popken says:

    Nvm, I figured it out.

  11. The_Truth says:

    haha, apparently im not the only one who listens to stuff at work with one ear phone in :-)

  12. AcilletaM says:


    They have shots that they can give you to clear that right up.