Drove My Chevy to the Levy But The Dealer Left Me Dry

Unlike Mark’s Prius story, there’s no confusion in this truck twister from Tennessee. Except, how did the dealership think they would get away with it?

After a guy drives his new truck from the Bill Heard dealership home, he gets a call from the salesman, saying he got too good a deal. They want him to pay $10,000 more dollars. He refused. In the middle of the night, the dealership towed it back to the lot and put it back up for sale.

Watch the TV report by going here and clicking the “Dealership Doesn’t Like Deal, Takes Car Back” on the top right. (Note to local TV stations: either distribute video players or make your newsfeeds easier to steal and upload. Seriously, it’s better for everyone.)

The story is so good, the general manager of a competing TV station blogged about it.

Tennessee’s Better Business Bureau says this is par for the course. The hundreds of complaints they’ve received against Bill Heard, “The World’s Largest Chevy Retailer,” are far more than any other area dealer. And most of them are unresolved.

How did the dealership defend their actions? We’ll let the statements they gave police and News5, after the jump, speak for themselves…

Statement given to the police:


Statement given NewsChannel5:



(Thanks to Aaron!)

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