Fresh Slaughtered Poultry at Your Local Supermarket

Liborio Markets in California and Colorado wants to offer its customers freshly killed chickens, electrocuted in a poultry concentration camp out back, then freshly plucked, gutted and served still twitching.

Oh, sure, it sounds like a winning idea. But why stop there? Why not keep hogs in the employee stock room and slit their throats when someone wants a fresh slab of bacon? Or have a do-it-yourself steak buffet: just hand your customers a chainsaw, point to the slab of a corralled cow, and tell them to pick their choice of white or dark meat.

People seem to be getting upset about the moral element of this, which doesn’t make us queasy at all. Chickens taste good and they got to be killed sometime… might as well be as soon before I eat it as possible. The real problem here is we’re not to keen on shopping at grocery stores that stores perishables in close relation to chicken shit and headless hens running around in circles squirting gore.

Store’s effort to serve fresh chickens raises concerns [9News] (Thanks, JPac!)