Fresh Slaughtered Poultry at Your Local Supermarket

Liborio Markets in California and Colorado wants to offer its customers freshly killed chickens, electrocuted in a poultry concentration camp out back, then freshly plucked, gutted and served still twitching.

Oh, sure, it sounds like a winning idea. But why stop there? Why not keep hogs in the employee stock room and slit their throats when someone wants a fresh slab of bacon? Or have a do-it-yourself steak buffet: just hand your customers a chainsaw, point to the slab of a corralled cow, and tell them to pick their choice of white or dark meat.

People seem to be getting upset about the moral element of this, which doesn’t make us queasy at all. Chickens taste good and they got to be killed sometime… might as well be as soon before I eat it as possible. The real problem here is we’re not to keen on shopping at grocery stores that stores perishables in close relation to chicken shit and headless hens running around in circles squirting gore.

Store’s effort to serve fresh chickens raises concerns [9News] (Thanks, JPac!)


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  1. There used to e stores in Flushing, NY that would slaughter live chickens and it wasn’t with electrocution. Honestly, the smell of those places, with all thosechickens in tiny little crates; is ridiculously bad and fresh chicken does taste better than frozen.

  2. RandomHookup says:

    I think a “slaughter-your-own” shop would do wonders for working out our aggressions toward our fellow humans. But then again, it didn’t help in Iraq.

  3. DeeJayQueue says:

    Cows are red meat, not white or dark.

  4. Elvisisdead says:

    That’s a case of the avian flu waiting to happen.

    RandomHookup has a good, but misdirected, point. It might be beneficial if people, just once, had to kill what they eat. Speaking as someone who’s killed wild game, in addition to livestock (including chickens), you get a different perspective from doing it. It might help folks make a connection between the animal and the flesh in the styrofoam tray.

  5. Falconfire says:

    people are too desensitized to where our food comes from is all. Thats the reason vegetarianism is so popular today because people where not forced to see where their food actually came from. I know I personally have aversion to killing a chicken or something, but seafood is no problem to me because I grew up on the shore and regularly caught and killed fish and crabs as a youth

    go 60 years back and most people killed chickens in their own backyards still even in cities.

  6. GilloD says:

    There’s a place on Delancey in NYC, just to the left of the Williamsburgh bridge that has crates and crates of chickens in the store window. I don’t know if they’ll kill them for you, but I’m sure you could do it yourself.

    And can we discuss the time I found poop on an egg from the grocery store? Human or fowl, I’m not sure, but it was deeply unnerving.

  7. kerry says:


    In the city where I live (Chicago), people still raise and kill their own chickens. Folks come up from Mexico used to fresh eggs and fresh meat, buy a house with a decent backyard and keep a few chickens and a rooster. It’s not as rare as one might think.

  8. Existenz says:

    I agree about the whole disconnect thing about people not knowing where
    their food comes from. These are two interesting articles that talk
    about Polyface Farm, this farm in VA run by this evangelical farmer who
    hates industrial agriculture. You can go there and kill the food you
    want to eat if you want, and it’s all set up so that the animals are
    happy and everything. It’s even Peter Singer-approved!

  9. Ran Kailie says:

    Or have a do-it-yourself steak buffet: just hand your customers a chainsaw, point to the slab of a corralled cow, and tell them to pick their choice of white or dark meat.

    I must be weird but this sounds like a business plan I could totally get into. It would probably be added to my monthly budget (go kill a cow with a chainsaw). It could be my new anger management therapy.

    Mmmmm cow.

  10. MBM says:

    Mayflower Poultry in East Cambridge, Mass., has been doing this for years. The sign is a local landmark: a picture of a (live) chicken and the slogan “Live Poultry Fresh Killed.” They also sell T-shirts. And the store smells fine.

    You can see the sign here:

  11. windowseat says:

    Since the real danger to our health via the food supply chain is the processing factories this is a good idea and one that’s been in practice for centuries. There’s no danger of contamination of other food if proper measures are taken. I would hope that people wash their vegetables and anything else that isn’t packaged when they get it home anyway..there aren’t toilets in those fields.

  12. Pelagius says:

    Why does “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” suddenly come to mind?

  13. Erzengel says:

    When i was a cute boy with blonde curly hair, my mom used to sent me to shop at a place where you can choose your chicken liv, then tey kill it and get it ready for you. I was nine years old, and became vegetarian because of that. Im not a veggie now, but from nine to 12, there was no power on eath able to make me eat any meat.

  14. Elvisisdead says:

    Not to get in a one-up animal massacre situation, but my granddad took my sister and I to a slaughterhouse when I was 8 (and had blonde curly hair) and she was 5. He wanted us to see what happens to the animals before we eat them. Bad decision on his part to take us at that age, but a valuable experience.

    When I was 15, he made me slaughter the christmas hog. Handed me the .45, and told me where to shoot the hog. After that, we hung it from a butcher rack on the back of the tractor and butchered it in the back field with my great uncles and cousins. They taught me how to properly butcher it and cure the meat in the smokehouse. My great aunts would make the sausage. The hams were ready for Easter every year. I took part in that for several years until the old timers got too old to do it any more. Gave me an appreciation for the process, as well as a taste for NC hot sausage. Nothing from the store even comes close.

  15. Rick Dobbs says:

    I think it would help if they had the chalk outlines of the cuts already on the cow, cartoon style. Then I can just point to what cut I’d prefer.

  16. AcidReign says:

    …..The chicken thing might work, but you’ve got to properly age beef. You can’t just shoot, cut, and wrap it up with a UPC for the cashier to scan…

  17. Jim C. says:

    “Or have a do-it-yourself steak buffet: just hand your customers a chainsaw, point to the slab of a corralled cow, and tell them to pick their choice of white or dark meat.” (Last time I looked, cows didn’t have white meat.)

    SNL 1975: “Hi! I’m Mel, for Mel’s Char Palace! Where you find your own cow! You cut your own steaks! You select your cow from over 200 head! You stun it! You cut it! You charbroil it! You.. cut.. your own steaks! We give you the saw! You cut your own sirloins, tips, blades, and roasts! You find it! You stun it! You cut it! As big and as thick as you want it!”