Doteasy Wrongly Punishes Pixel Pusher

The internet is often stigmatized for its tyranny of the crowds but just the reverse can be true when it comes to spam.

David Friedman of Ironicsans, known among some for his pre-pixelated shirts for in case you stumble into a reality show, got his website down after someone complained to his host, Doteasy, that his site was sending spam.

The only problem was that Friedman he didn’t send any spam. After some sleuthing, he found that a guy had forwarded the pre-pixelated shirts notice to seven or eight of his friends, one of whom reported it as junk email.

So you know that when he tried switching out of Doteasy, his request was handled swiftly and flawlessly… read more below…

How one man sent one e-mail and took down my entire website. And he didn’t even know it.” [Ironic Sans]


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  1. AndyAndy719 says:

    There again, his problem is doteasy isnt a domain registrar. They’re a Tucows/OpenSRS reseller.

    Tucows/OpenSRS has an option for the reseller to set locking automatically, and for the “owner” of the domain to be unable to unlock it. While domain locking is necessary, it’s commonly used to hold people’s domains hostage.

    I’m a OpenSRS reseller, I got a bunch of domains and its easier for me to manage as a reseller. They’re really great – the service works, and from a technical standpoint, they’re good.

    Its just a shame that people are shady and greedy. It takes two seconds to unlock a domain. What a load of crap.

  2. fisherstudios says:

    Doteasy’s policies regarding spam have been updated some time ago to address the considerations regarding spam that isn’t directly sent by the Doteasy mail servers. If the same situation were to happen today the worst that would happen is a notification to the account owner briefly outlining that Doteasy had received a spam complaint, but with no services disrupted.

    Doteasy stopped being a Tucows/OpenSRS reseller over a year ago. They now have their partner company and ICANN accredited registrar In2net to handle all new Doteasy domain name registrations.

    In this case, getting the domain unlocked was not difficult at all. The domain was unlocked within 1 calendar day of receiving the unlocking request. Doteasy looks OK in comparison to some other providers that want to charge you to transfer away a domain. As of this writing, new domains registered at Doteasy are NOT locked by default!