Cleanup, Aisle Five

“TRY ME!” exclaims the packaging on the Anolon Santoku, exhorting the consumer to give the “Sure-Grip” a grab.

Photo taken yesterday by Chris Walters in an NYC Bed Bath & Beyond.

When trying out five and half inch blades in the aisles of Bed Bath and Beyond, always make sure to draw your “blood circle” by slowly moving the blade in a sphere around your body with an outstretched arm. After ensuring the blade touches nothing else, proceed to thrust and slash to your heart’s content. For their sake, just hope that no shopping carts bump into you unexpectedly.


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  1. comedian says:

    I really hate what knowing this on sight says about me, but I’m pretty sure the brand name is Anolon, with the last “n” covered up for ‘nifing goodness.