Buy A Moon House

Part gag gift, part outer-space libertarianism, the Lunar Registry would like to sell you a piece of the moon. You can build a house, stardust farm, or sound stage (perfect for faking lunar landings, watch out for the wind…), whatever, it’s all yours on your lot in the Lunar Republic.

    Article 11, Paragraph 5, of the 1979 Moon Agreement…allows the UN to hand-pick an “international regime” to govern the Moon…Faced with this fact… one solution arose that addressed each issue simply and elegantly… the establishment of an independent and sovereign Lunar Republic.

And If you believe that, we’ve got a bridge over the Sea of Vapors we’d like to sell you.


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  1. mark duffy says:

    and a British woman who won at Pokerface wants to do it:

  2. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    Well given the grossly overpriced real estate market in Massachusetts, it might actually be more economical for me to purchase a house on the moon than one in a suburb of Boston.

  3. the moon is so yesterday. uranus is where the action’s at!

    i’m sorry, was that too easy? i’ll try harder next time…

  4. SeekBalance says:

    My best friend gave me and his other groomsmen lunar property as gifts at his wedding. I thought it was a pretty cool thing. Useless, but different. We’re all of bunch of geeks anyway, so it fit.