A Blogosphere Reacts

People are linking to the our AOL retention manual article, as well as a mal-edited Comcast broadcast. They’re saying things and we’re reading them. Now we’re telling them to you.

TechDirt comments: “Throw away the kitchen knives. (Somewhere, someone used one to commit murder.)” Someone certainly murdered that Comcast clip. Professor Plum in the library, we’re looking at you.
• Nicest thing said all day, according to Sam Wilkinson, we seem to have our acts together.
• Diggers cautiously respond, “DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE AOL….”
Victor or Victoria?: “It’s called PR, and it’s probably a lie…This is way too convenient of a mistake.”
• With reference to obtaining the AOL “grimoire,” we notice a recurrent phrase, “got their hands on” or “got their paws on.” This is base, spurious, insulting and we will not stand for it. They’re claws, thank you very much.