The News; Wal-Mart Hires Flying Nun

• The creative team was crushed to learn Mother Theresa wasn’t available. [LAT] “Wal-Mart Puts Its Faith in Ex-Nun to Convert Critics”
• Keep those tips up, Barbie! [NYT] “Mattel Reports a Profit”
• Almost all the news that’s fit to print. [NYT] “Times to Reduce Page Size and Close a Plant in 2008”
• A butterfly coughs in Arabia. [CT] “Wake-Up Call to U.S. on Oil?”
• The breathtaking views available while on the osteoporosis drug Evista include fatal strokes and blood clots. [LAT] “Lilly Drug Shown to Raise Blood-Clot Risk”
• Gas efficiency party like it’s 1994. [LAT] “‘Fuel Economy Unchanged From Decade Ago”
• Mr. Hooters is dead at 69, huh huh. [NYT] “Robert H. Brooks, 69, Owner of Hooters Restaurant Chain, Is Dead”