Comcast Censors Critical Nightline Story

The Sleepy Comcast Technician featured prominently in Nightline’s story last Friday, but you wouldn’t know that if you were watching with Comcast’s tv-over-inernet service. Watch this screen snag:

MAYBREY: And what about that Comcast video?
VINCERT: (sigh) That Comcast video… was a classic…
–abrupt cut—
BASHIR: That first crossed our attention when a million dollar Ferrari…

Compare this to the original.

See, Comcast was so sure the adamant the incident would never happen again that they didn’t want anyone to know it happenned in the first place. How contrite can they truly feel if they can’t admit their faults to their own subscribers?

Don’t bother trying to delete it from YouTube, we’ve got a hard copy.

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(Ultra thanks to The Compulsive Shouter for the clip!)

UPDATE: Comcast and ABC say they have a reasonable explanation.