McDonald’s Closes Mouth Mid-Stream

Wait, you mean you don’t want to piss in Ronald McDonald’s mouth?

    A Dutch McDonald’s has been forced to remove a pair of mouth-shaped urinals after a tourist complained.

    The branch in the south east of the Netherlands said it was removing the bright red, mouth-shaped urinals after a disgusted US customer complained to McDonald’s head office in America.

    Manager of the fast-food outlet Giel Pijper said the urinals, named Kisses, were works of art which he was now going to have to sell off.

Prudish Americans, always interfering with the display of the Netherlands’ porcelain masterpieces.

Mouth-shaped urinal sparks complaints [Ananova] (Thanks, JPac!)


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  1. Drinker Nisti says:

    And we wonder why the world hates us…

  2. The Unicorn says:

    R. Kelly’s going to be so sad!!!

  3. Fleury says:

    If you can’t take the heat, get the fuck out of the Netherlands.

  4. ModerateSnark says:

    Well, this was just quid pro quo for what you’ll find over in Germany, where a giant Ronald statue in the Stuttgart McDonald’s restroom pees on you.

  5. Amy Alkon000 says:

    Note to American travelers: If you have a problem when, in other countries, life isn’t exactly like it is at home…stay home!