Thanks To Our Sponsors!

Just like all the other Gawker blogs, Friday is the time for the weekly sponsor ookie cookie where we gather all our advertisers our for a giant blanket party. Creamy love spanks to you, sponsors! Thank for keeping the pith pipe bursting with flavor!

E-reach-arounds are in order for:

• Nobody, Inc.
&bull Greater Goose Egg Farm of North Dakota
• 404 Not Found Industries
• The Cipher Corporation
• Amalgamated Nopeitude
• Law Firm of Nada, Nix and Nadir.
• Fuckaduck Licks Lakes Luke’s Luck Likes Unfortunately They’re Empty, LLC

Here’s hoping your answers to these four simple survey questions win us conflicts of interest, and you, an iPod shuffle!


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  1. ModerateSnark says:

    Interesting strategy…

    On the night when you get your biggest burst of publicity yet, put up a post that could shock and confuse potential sponsors…

    Of course, the “cool” potential sponsors will “get it.”

    Are there any hip new sponsors out there?