AOL Employees Slander Vincent Ferrari On Company Time

This is not the AOL manual. So acclimated to squirting off-the-cuff posts, throwing haymakers at peccadilloes, the prospect of three-plus pages, single-spaced, is a bit daunting. It needs more editing and is sleeping soundly in a drawer. The material is so wrong, we have to make sure we do it right.

We ask for an extension.

Besides, who releases gangbusters stuff on a Friday? One’s attention is drawn much more quickly to midget Michael Jackson and two-faced kittens.

However, we will disclose that since Vincent’s big web debut, he’s caught a lot of nasty comments on his blog. Some of the comments resolve to AOL and Netscape (owned by AOL) ip addresses. Netscape and AOL employees took time out of their day to slur Vincent, on company time.

Does the professionalism ever stop?

Read their remarks, after the jump…

New comment on your post #2548 “Utterly Aggravating”
Author : matt gabels (IP: ,
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you people have got to be kidding me? I’ll repeat it….you’ve got to be kidding right? SO WHAT if you can’t cancel your AOL account online. BOO HOO!!!! Fact of the matter is…due to security issues on line, it IS a privacy issue, would you want some hacker stealing your password and shutting your account down? what the hell do you people mean that it’s not a privacy issue?? This is getting to be regoddamneddiculous! You can’t cancel ANY account online! You can’t cancel your cable, your phone, cellular or home, credit cards, bank accounts, hell you can’t even cancel your trash service online.

Since we’re on the topic of how “difficult” it is to cancel an AOL account, let’s take a few moments to analyze that call….1st,Did Vincent’s account get cancelled? yes, how long did it take? 5 minutes. Big deal. How many pitches were made during that call? NONE. Where is this harassment and horror story that this poor defenseless excuse for a human? He wasn’t pleasant and everyone knows it.

Because Mr. “I wanted to expose the Horror Stories was oh so plesant on the phone” our friend Jon had to tell him to stop talking and running him over so he could do what Mr. I wanted to expose the horror stories and have my 15 minutes of fame wanted, without even making an attempt to get vincents business.

Had Mr. I’m so starved for attention I need to be a jerk and show the world that I can be a jerk to people and then play the victim had he answered the questions and said no to the 3 pitches, the call would have taken tops 2 and a half to 3 minutes. Instead he antagonizes the CSR and ends up on the news. What a joke!!!! You’re a laughing stock within AOL dude, that’s hysterical Ironic thing is, his “dad” is ALWAYS logged on as popsferrari, which the genious Mr. I want my 15 minutes of fame gave out on his website.

Keep usin’ it, those ads that keep AIM free keep my stock from dipping!

New comment on your post #2511 “Open Call for AOL Retention Specialists or Employees”
Author : anonymous (IP: ,
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First off we all sign a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. Not only do we (as aol employees) agree to it, and are held accountable for the damages incurred, but if I (or anyone) was to send you confidential documents substantiating your biased point… both you AND the person releasing information are held accountable, financially.

Sure I know you want to prove a point, getting people to break their NDA’s is another. I’ll share this bit – its common knowledge EVERY retention business has quotas. Duh.

Lighten up a bit, stop being such a prick because you chose to repeatedly say “cancel the account” repeatedly, and you saw the rep was being an asshole too. You earned your 15 min of fame, on who’s watch – your

I however do commend you for shining light on an issue – and changes have been made… but seriously – dont risk other workers their jobs just so you can end out on top. Cancelling my aol account wasn’t that hard as you had
it, or others mentioned herein.


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  1. Ben Popken says:

    Theresa writes:

    “I had the same problem with AOL just a few months ago, Where I ended up screaming at the person at AOL to just cancel the fucking account… Aol software is a pain in the ass to get off your computer after it is installed. It takes over everything in your computer. AOL is the worse internet provider to have and a mistake to ever sign up for.”

  2. I think a quote form Aliens is approprate here…
    “Dust off and nuke the site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.”

    At least when it comes to removing AOL’s “software” from the computer, which is akin to removing cancer after it’s broken off into chunks and spread to every organ in the body.

    As for the Retention team, well, I hope you get to keep your souls. I had to beat the devil at a game of logic when I left Verizon a year back. don’t what to know you guys’d have to do.

  3. Tom says:

    I haven’t had quite so much of a problem with AOL, although it was ten years ago–they probably weren’t as desperate–and it sure was a lot less convenient to cancel than it was to sign up.

    The worst service cancellation that I ever had to experience was with a credit card company who were shocked–SHOCKED–that I was surfing to another zero-percent-introductory-rate card when the zero rate expired on theirs. When I refused to rationalize my decision or nibble at the low-rate extension that he offered, the phone droid said, “Well, you’re not giving me a good reason for your decision, here.” After a few seconds of shocked silence on my part, I responded, “Well, I don’t fucking have to, do I? Cancel the fucking card!” He hung up on me. The next person that I talked to had no problem with the cancellation.

  4. In rebuttal to the moronic AOL posters, 15 minutes of Vincent’s fame is multiplied by the thousands of people who have had the same exact or worse experience.

    You might want to sell that stock as soon as possible Mr. I can’t spell and I call people Mr. phrases…

  5. creamsissle says:

    Interesting that both posters have and use accounts with other webmail providers (Hotmail, GMail). Hell, even they won’t use AOL!

  6. Believe it or not, it’s 2009 and AOL is still up to the same tricks. Back in October, 2008, I cancelled my AOL account during its “free” trial period and had a 40 minute argument with the rep, who, at the end of the call, assured me the account was cancelled. In late July of this year, I find out he hadn’t been cancelled and they had been trying to bill my credit card (which, thankfully, I had cancelled for other reasons). So I send a dispute letter and the dispute department writes back saying my account has been zeroed out in August. In September, a collections agency calls — AOL has no record of my original letter or the resolution letter. So I send them back a copy with a return receipt requested. I receive the receipt ten days ago. Guess what? AOL has no record of the letter. So to the subscription cancellation fraud they’ve been running, they now have the disappearing dispute department.