The News; Enron Curses All Who Penetrate Its Tomb

• Bizzare, inexplicable, random act of violence. [NYT] “Man Tied to Enron Case Found Dead in London Park”
• They don’t call fashion superficial for nothing. [LAT] “Illusions on Sale in Shanghai”
• In the future, you can have any cellphone company you like, as long as it’s black. [LAT] “AT&T, Verizon Mergers Face Competition Concerns”
• “Ken Lay was neither black nor poor, but he was a victim of a lynching.” Yeah, and Pol Pot was a civil rights activist. [CT] “Dignitaries Turn Out To Memorialize Man Who Founded Enron”
• A day after McDonald’s pulls theirs, Wendy’s announces plan to offer an even spicier chicken sandwich than ever before. Sluts. [CT] “Wendy’s spices up chicken sandwich”
• Personally, we’re a slut for love. [NYT] “The Taming of the Slur”


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  1. geedeck says:

    And by sandwich you mean salad? They’ve had a sandwich for quite some time.

  2. Poor poor poor poor Ken Lay…died at the ripe old age of 64 in Aspen CO, after swindling thousands out of their money…if he is a “victim” of a “lynching” then we need to have more “lynchings.” Maybe we can form a group of that burn Mercedes Benz’s on the lawns of corrupt executives and politicians and then hang them in public.

  3. Ben says:

    The “Ken Lay was like Jesus” crap really turned my stomach.

    I’m sorry, he may not have been some evildoer on the caliber of OBL, but he weren’t no saint. It is painfully clear that he did a great wrong and would have been very happy to have gotten away with it. It’s hard to think of Jesus, MLK, or JFK doing the same.

    I’m guessing the great Reverend that said these things did not have his life savings wiped out by the debacle.